Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I thought that I should perhaps post an update on what's happening with Before Hollywood, as I've recently received a few questions about the future of the blog since posts have been fairly sparse as of late (ok, non-existent for the last few months).

Late last year / early this year I became rather busy with a recording studio that I run, and didn't have the time to sit down to write a review each week. I'm now doing that as a full-time business (instead of something I did in my spare time from my 'real' job), so I now have the time to write again. Therefore I might start updating the blog again. There were lots of good releases that we missed in the downtime (Slug Guts' debut, Ambitious Lovers' Winter Got Warmer EP, heaps more), so maybe we'll start with a retrospective of the best releases from the last six months.

Oh, and we still have lots of Strandeds, so feel free to get one from the link on the top right.