Sunday, 20 July 2008

Stranded: A Compilation of Brisbane Music 2007-2008

So it's time to announce Brisbane's worst kept secret! Over the last two months you may have noticed a bit of a drop off in the post rate here at Before Hollywood. That's because we've been hard at work putting together 'Stranded: A Compilation of Brisbane Music 2007-2008'.

This idea of putting together a compilation of local bands began as a way to celebrate Before Hollywood's first birthday (which was actually a while ago now), but has evolved into a behemoth 3-CD album featuring 42 of this city's most talented artists. 'Stranded' is a celebration of Brisbane's ever evolving music scene, and in this spirit it spans numerous genres and aesthetics.

It also a celebration of the community and, with this in mind, we invite everyone to join us in launching 'Stranded' on Friday August 15th at The Zoo. Along for the ride will be The Rational Academy, Tragic/Athletic, Nova Scotia, Ambitious Lovers and Monster Monster. With tickets only $8, you'll have no excuse not to purchase a copy of 'Stranded' as the album will sell for $15 on the night. All the proceeds from 'Stranded' will be going to the Red Cross' soon to be established Centre for Young People to be situated in Fortitude Valley.

Have a look at the tracklisting, the poster for the launch gig, and the press release after the jump. And a million thank-yous to the bands and artists who have been involved with this, as well as to Samantha Norman and Mel Tickle for producing such beautiful artwork for the album cover and the gig poster.

Disc 1
1. Yeow Meow - Boredoms
2. Tragic Athletic - Three Months At Sea
3. The Rational Academy - White Bears of Norway
4. Ambitious Lovers - Deer (The Rational Academy cover)
5. Saint Surly - Into The Wind (The Surly Instrumental Version)
6. Yeo & The Freshgoods - Two Sides Of A Door
7. Dot.AY - Default To Paranoia
8. I Heart Hiroshima - The Cover
9. Monster Monster - Sunday Before Basketball
10. Joel Saunders - Take Off Your Dress
11. Shiver Like Timber - ET And Me
12. Mt Augustus - The Warmest Winter
13. Little Scout - Dead Loss
14. Iron On - The Red Thread

Disc 2
1. Turnpike - Easy Choices For Bad People
2. Nova Scotia - Last Boy Band
3. No Anchor - Four Keys
4. Mass Migration - Sepia
5. Nikko - Unnamed
6. Arrows - Don't Interrupt Me While I'm Working
7. Buildings Melt - Sad Faces
8. Do The Robot - Six Dreams And Counting
9. Feathers - No Features No Control
10. To The North - Harm's Way
11. Rialto Decibel Choir - Packages And Postcards
12. Willows - You Said You'd Leave But Our Houses Are Still Haunted

Disc 3
1. Violent Soho - Muscle Junkie
2. Butcher Birds - Tiger Paw
3. Vegas Kings - Good Soldier
4. Del Toro - Huevos Del Oro
5. Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade - Only Say It Once
6. The Sips - Baby Back Down
7. New Jack Rubys - Big Sexy Party
8. At Sea - Scream Like A Queen
9. The Rocketsmiths - The Boy Who Cried Wolf
10. The John Steel Singers - Evolution
11. Mr Rascal - Let It Roll
12. Capital - Horoscope
13. The Gin Club - On A Mountain
14. Texas Tea & Orville Brody - You Are My Sunshine
15. Chris Pickering - You Don't Know
16. BigStrongBrute - Birds And Elephants

Press Release

Launch Show Poster


Sean said...

Wow, great work! Congratulations on completing such an ambitious project!

Gav said...

Cheers dude! It's not complete yet though, but we're almost there.

Anonymous said...

Are there any bands in this compilation that aren't indie?

Anonymous said...

It's great that someone put this out. Brisbane needs something like this.

I'm a little worried that it's a little clique-ish though. I hope the Before Hollywood guys don't lose their ability to be critical of the bands they feature on the CDs. The last thing this city needs is more division within the music scene. We need to band together. In saying that, it's important we're all critical of each other so we get better. Most importantly the tracklist is very good so...

What i mean to say is, "Great Work!"

P.S. Do you guys wanna marry Rational Academy or something?

Anonymous said...

ah this is swell. nice track list. You guys going to be selling this other than on the night? I have a date with the wisdom tooth excavator that day *sad face*.

I read this blog each wk btw - great work.

Cam said...

anon#1: not really, since this is an *indie* music blog. *indie* is generally a pretty wide and non-descriptive term, in any case.

anon#2: um, thanks. before hollywood was never specifically designed to be 'critical' of anything - this isn't timeoff or rave or mess&noise etc.

anon#3: it should be available at places like rockinghorse after the launch, and maybe at some other gigs. glad you like the blog.

Cam said...

oh, and yes, i would marry the rational academy as long as they were ok with a polygamous relationship in which i could marry at least a good half dozen other brisbane bands.

Joel said...

solid track listing, and diverse. really pleased to be a part of something of this standard.

make sure you post this off to the appropriate people. Including the state library to archive this city's history.

Tickle's art is good too.

Ed Bus said...

Holy crap anon #3, I'm getting all 4 wisdom teeth out that exact day too! Damn, hey!

Great work BH.

JN said...

geez you have the same bastard clearly bitching about not being included in the blog every week. I bet anon is in each revolving door or sonic porno.

Anyway, great work and uhh aqpologies again for my epic jerk around with trying to get you that new song!

Disruption? Disruption! said...

What shops in Sydney have this?

Cam said...

*right now* we don't have any concrete plans for distribution outside brisbane. that's not to say that we won't organise any, but at the moment we're just focussing on getting the launch done.

that said, rockinghorse will surely have a few copies, so you can almost definitely get one via their website ( maybe we'll set up a paypal thing on the blog or something so you can buy it from us directly, we don't really know just yet.

Dave said...

Hey guys, nice work, something like that isn't easy to pull together. I did something similar about 18 months ago for Brisbane Singer-Songwriters called "The Hopesmiths Project" - all profits going to charity. Still got some copies to get rid of too... I recommend for online distro they are pretty decent, though it looks like you've sorted out your own online form anyway. Get it all put up on itunes if you can too, that brings in a few extra dolalrs and exposure for the bands.

Nicole said...

Hi - i'm a Bris ex-pat living over in London at the moment and would love to get my hands on this. Would you post it overseas?

Cam said...

hey nicole. we haven't looked up what it would cost to send a CD overseas, i think because of the thickness of the case it would be classified as a parcel, which is more expensive to send. we may have to set up a second Paypal button for international orders.

HOWEVER, should have some on their website in the next day or two (dropped some off this morning), so check there in a few days. they'll handle international orders for you.

Nicole said...

Awesome, thanks for that!

sharma said...

What is the local live music scene like in Brisbane?

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