Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - July 9th

Not quite so many gigs on this week as there was last week, but there's still a good quantity to choose from.

Wednesday 9th:
Monster Monster, Prince Nod @ Ric's Bar - Some left-of-centre hip hop.

Thursday 10th:
Del Toro, Ur @ Ric's Bar - Some instrumental space rock for you.

Friday 11th:
Grey Daturas (Vic), Secret Birds, Roshambo, No Anchor, Candlesnuffer (Vic) @ The Globe - The Grey Dats release their new album with support from a whole bunch of great local bands (and one Victorian act).
Flamingo Crash, Do The Robot @ The Troubadour - Ex-locals return.
Mr Rascal, The Granite Lakes, Carry Nation @ QPAC Cremorne Theatre - Mr Rascal release their debut album.
The Gallant, The Faze, The Frets, The Surgeons @ The Zoo - The The show.

Saturday 12th:
The Danger Bunnies @ The Powerhouse (3pm) - 'primary school kids playing power grunge' Joel
Violent Soho, The Reptiles (Vic), Side Effects @ The Troubadour - Local (grunge revival) band releases anticipated album.
Nova Scotia, Restream (Album launch), Hazards of Swimming Naked, Fickle Beasts @ Lofly Hangar (151 Musgrave Rd) - Electronic artist restream launches his latest with a great local lineup.
The Gin Club, Tim Steward, Jimmy Stewart @ The Zoo - The Gin Clum re-launch their Junk album.
Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side, Z-Rays @ Ric's Bar
Mt Augustus, Reichelt & The Concealed Knives @ Ric's Bar (4pm Cheesboard) - some indie/folk/pop.
Wind & Brackets, Stature::Statue, Idle Cranes @ Valley Studios
Willows, Our Anatomy (Vic), In Sepia, Ghost Town @ Fat Louie's Pool Hall

Sunday 13th:
Live Spark: Halfday, Art of the State @ The Powerhouse
Fi Claus, Merry-May Gill @ Ric's Bar (3pm)

There's also the Women In Voice thing that seems to be on every night until Sunday at the QPAC Playhouse, with Katie Noonan, Pearly Black, Lil' Fi, Melissa Western, Liz Buchanan, Georgia Corowa.


Joel said...

gig o' the week:

The Danger Bunnies @ The Powerhouse Saturday 3pm.

primary school kids playing power grunge

Cam said...

oh shit, i can't believe i missed that one! they played before us at fete de la musique, so awesome.

adding them now.

Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah!!!