Monday, 7 July 2008

Weekly News - July 7th

  • Jangle-rockers Mr. Rascal will be launching their debut album, A Pocketful Of Smoke, this Saturday at QPAC's Cremorne Theatre. If the first single, 'Let It Roll', is anything to go by, A Pocketful Of Smoke will be one of the most promising albums to be released in Brisbane this year.
  • New Music:
    • Tragic/Athletic - Three Months At Sea/Make For The Hills: I couldn't get these two tracks to play on myspace, but, having heard 'Three Months At Sea' previously, I can say it is a beautifully epic track from the band, complete with a soaring brass part towards the end of the song.
    • Willows - Locus
    • The Revolutionists - No Warning
    • Sirinival - Happiness Is A (Live)/Fortune Favours The Brave (Live)
    • Marl Karx - Spout

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