Thursday, 31 July 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - July 31st

If you're not going to Splendour here's some other entertainment for you:

Thursday 31st:
Mr Rascal, Steve Grady & The Wild Pidgeons @ Ric's Bar
The Decline of Modern Civilisation: Toxic Lipstick, Taste of Teeth, DJ Lame, Brutal Hate Mosh, Potato Master, Peer Pressure @ Tongue & Groove

Friday 1st:
Death Cage, The Disables, Tear Gas, The Quickening, Meaningless Existence @ Rosie's
Mr Maps, Fickle Beasts, Dot.AY @ Tongue & Groove
Tara Simmons, Emma Dean @ The Spiegeltent
White Mansions, The Habits, Young Liberals @ The Troubadour - White Mansions launch their EP.

Saturday 2nd:
The Smokestack Orchestra, New Jack Rubys, At Sea, Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade @ The Troubadour
Granite Lakes, Flying Squad @ Ric's Bar
Steve Grady & The Wild Pidgeons, The Live Room, Gladstone & Lochaber @ The Valley Studios

Sunday 3rd:
The Diamond Sea (Vic), Secret Birds @ Ric's Bar
Live Spark: Polaroid Fame, Kate Bradley @ The Powerhouse


Thursday, 24 July 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - July 24th

Back to regular business after that last announcement. There should be some reviews etc coming up in the next few days.

Thursday 24th:
The Rogues (EP Launch), New Jack Rubies, Capital @ The Zoo
The Legand aka Everett True (UK), Young Liberals @ Ric's Bar

Friday 25th:
Angie Hart (Vic), Dave McCormac, Kristy London @ The Troubadour
The John Steel Singers, The Kahn Brothers (NSW), Turtle Creek, McKisko @ The Globe
Nikko, Major Major (Vic), Stemford Hiss @ The Valley Studios
The Oyster Murders, Blue Carousel, Mikowai @ The Zoo
Tear Gas, Useless Children, The Focus, Dick Nasty @ Hotel Broadway

Saturday 26th:
Tragic/Athletic (10" Launch), Major Major (Vic), Do The Robot @ The Troubadour - This would be the gig of the week.
Brisindie Fest: Pink Bullets, The Moderns, Numbers Radio, Kissy Trouble Company, The Cairos, The Surgeons, Buick Six, Lair Eon @ QUT Guild Bar
The Greenmatics, Re:Enactment, The Repetition @ Step Inn

Sunday 27th:
Stemford Hiss, Vanguard Tic, Reichelt & The Concealed Knives, Piers @ Kitty O'Shea's


Sunday, 20 July 2008

Stranded: A Compilation of Brisbane Music 2007-2008

So it's time to announce Brisbane's worst kept secret! Over the last two months you may have noticed a bit of a drop off in the post rate here at Before Hollywood. That's because we've been hard at work putting together 'Stranded: A Compilation of Brisbane Music 2007-2008'.

This idea of putting together a compilation of local bands began as a way to celebrate Before Hollywood's first birthday (which was actually a while ago now), but has evolved into a behemoth 3-CD album featuring 42 of this city's most talented artists. 'Stranded' is a celebration of Brisbane's ever evolving music scene, and in this spirit it spans numerous genres and aesthetics.

It also a celebration of the community and, with this in mind, we invite everyone to join us in launching 'Stranded' on Friday August 15th at The Zoo. Along for the ride will be The Rational Academy, Tragic/Athletic, Nova Scotia, Ambitious Lovers and Monster Monster. With tickets only $8, you'll have no excuse not to purchase a copy of 'Stranded' as the album will sell for $15 on the night. All the proceeds from 'Stranded' will be going to the Red Cross' soon to be established Centre for Young People to be situated in Fortitude Valley.

Have a look at the tracklisting, the poster for the launch gig, and the press release after the jump. And a million thank-yous to the bands and artists who have been involved with this, as well as to Samantha Norman and Mel Tickle for producing such beautiful artwork for the album cover and the gig poster.

Disc 1
1. Yeow Meow - Boredoms
2. Tragic Athletic - Three Months At Sea
3. The Rational Academy - White Bears of Norway
4. Ambitious Lovers - Deer (The Rational Academy cover)
5. Saint Surly - Into The Wind (The Surly Instrumental Version)
6. Yeo & The Freshgoods - Two Sides Of A Door
7. Dot.AY - Default To Paranoia
8. I Heart Hiroshima - The Cover
9. Monster Monster - Sunday Before Basketball
10. Joel Saunders - Take Off Your Dress
11. Shiver Like Timber - ET And Me
12. Mt Augustus - The Warmest Winter
13. Little Scout - Dead Loss
14. Iron On - The Red Thread

Disc 2
1. Turnpike - Easy Choices For Bad People
2. Nova Scotia - Last Boy Band
3. No Anchor - Four Keys
4. Mass Migration - Sepia
5. Nikko - Unnamed
6. Arrows - Don't Interrupt Me While I'm Working
7. Buildings Melt - Sad Faces
8. Do The Robot - Six Dreams And Counting
9. Feathers - No Features No Control
10. To The North - Harm's Way
11. Rialto Decibel Choir - Packages And Postcards
12. Willows - You Said You'd Leave But Our Houses Are Still Haunted

Disc 3
1. Violent Soho - Muscle Junkie
2. Butcher Birds - Tiger Paw
3. Vegas Kings - Good Soldier
4. Del Toro - Huevos Del Oro
5. Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade - Only Say It Once
6. The Sips - Baby Back Down
7. New Jack Rubys - Big Sexy Party
8. At Sea - Scream Like A Queen
9. The Rocketsmiths - The Boy Who Cried Wolf
10. The John Steel Singers - Evolution
11. Mr Rascal - Let It Roll
12. Capital - Horoscope
13. The Gin Club - On A Mountain
14. Texas Tea & Orville Brody - You Are My Sunshine
15. Chris Pickering - You Don't Know
16. BigStrongBrute - Birds And Elephants

Press Release

Launch Show Poster


Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - July 16th

Wednesday 16th:
Mr Maps, Toy Balloon @ Ric's Bar

Thursday 17th:
SixFtHick @ Ric's Bar
Hazards of Swiming Naked, The Surrogate, From Whence It Came, Sleepmakeswaves @ The Globe

Friday 18th:
Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time, The Ripz @ Tabu Nightclub
Turtle Creek, The Surgeons, The Cairos, Comic Sans @ The Valley Studios
Quiet Steps, Hanna Coffey, Marl Karx, The Kettleheads, Piers @ Rosie's Upstairs

Saturday 19th:
Connect Four Art Party: Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade, The Strange Attractors, Little Scout, Ma Sheen, Darstardly Nuts @ The Valley Studios (5pm)
Chris Pickering, McKisko, James Parry @ Tongue & Groove
Hot Liquid Sex, Ed Guglielmino @ Ric's Bar
Ryu Vs Ken, Apex Null, Ghost Town, Jet Set Ready @ Fat Louie's Pool Hall
Skinny Jean, The Grove, Re:Enactment, The Smart @ The Globe
Nights Outside: Tex Perkins, James Cruickshank, Mike Noga, Pat Bourke, Gus Agars, Fi Claus @ QPAC Cascade Court

Sunday 20th:
Andrew Morris, Dan Parsons @ Brisbane Powerhouse

There's also Stature::Statue supporting Snowman and Baseball on Wednesday, Yeo & The Freshgoods supporting The Paper Scissors and Seabellies on Thursday, and No Anchor supporting Children Collide and Spod on Friday.


Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Weekly News - July 15th

  • The second lineup for Sounds of Spring Festival have been announced. British India, Parkway Drive, Resin Dogs, Behind Crimson Eyes, Rocket Science, Children Collide, Final Days Of Autumn, Blue Juice, Trial Kennedy, Calling All Cars, Laura Imbruglia, The John Steel Singers, Vegas Kings and The Mercy Dolls will all join the lineup, with a third round of acts still to be announced.
  • At Sea are putting the finishing touches to their debut EP. The band have an excellent live show so this will be one to look out for.
  • Brisbane's bootleg industry is in good order. Just have a look at new blog, Turn It Up To 10, if you don't believe me.


Monday, 14 July 2008

The Boat People's 'Awkward Orchid Orchard' clip

Here's the new video clip for The Boat People's single from their new album, Chandeliers. The song is 'Awkward Orchid Orchard' and the video contains references to 52 other bands, so even if you're not such a fan of the band you might still find the clip kind of interesting.


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - July 9th

Not quite so many gigs on this week as there was last week, but there's still a good quantity to choose from.

Wednesday 9th:
Monster Monster, Prince Nod @ Ric's Bar - Some left-of-centre hip hop.

Thursday 10th:
Del Toro, Ur @ Ric's Bar - Some instrumental space rock for you.

Friday 11th:
Grey Daturas (Vic), Secret Birds, Roshambo, No Anchor, Candlesnuffer (Vic) @ The Globe - The Grey Dats release their new album with support from a whole bunch of great local bands (and one Victorian act).
Flamingo Crash, Do The Robot @ The Troubadour - Ex-locals return.
Mr Rascal, The Granite Lakes, Carry Nation @ QPAC Cremorne Theatre - Mr Rascal release their debut album.
The Gallant, The Faze, The Frets, The Surgeons @ The Zoo - The The show.

Saturday 12th:
The Danger Bunnies @ The Powerhouse (3pm) - 'primary school kids playing power grunge' Joel
Violent Soho, The Reptiles (Vic), Side Effects @ The Troubadour - Local (grunge revival) band releases anticipated album.
Nova Scotia, Restream (Album launch), Hazards of Swimming Naked, Fickle Beasts @ Lofly Hangar (151 Musgrave Rd) - Electronic artist restream launches his latest with a great local lineup.
The Gin Club, Tim Steward, Jimmy Stewart @ The Zoo - The Gin Clum re-launch their Junk album.
Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side, Z-Rays @ Ric's Bar
Mt Augustus, Reichelt & The Concealed Knives @ Ric's Bar (4pm Cheesboard) - some indie/folk/pop.
Wind & Brackets, Stature::Statue, Idle Cranes @ Valley Studios
Willows, Our Anatomy (Vic), In Sepia, Ghost Town @ Fat Louie's Pool Hall

Sunday 13th:
Live Spark: Halfday, Art of the State @ The Powerhouse
Fi Claus, Merry-May Gill @ Ric's Bar (3pm)

There's also the Women In Voice thing that seems to be on every night until Sunday at the QPAC Playhouse, with Katie Noonan, Pearly Black, Lil' Fi, Melissa Western, Liz Buchanan, Georgia Corowa.


Monday, 7 July 2008

Weekly News - July 7th

  • Jangle-rockers Mr. Rascal will be launching their debut album, A Pocketful Of Smoke, this Saturday at QPAC's Cremorne Theatre. If the first single, 'Let It Roll', is anything to go by, A Pocketful Of Smoke will be one of the most promising albums to be released in Brisbane this year.
  • New Music:
    • Tragic/Athletic - Three Months At Sea/Make For The Hills: I couldn't get these two tracks to play on myspace, but, having heard 'Three Months At Sea' previously, I can say it is a beautifully epic track from the band, complete with a soaring brass part towards the end of the song.
    • Willows - Locus
    • The Revolutionists - No Warning
    • Sirinival - Happiness Is A (Live)/Fortune Favours The Brave (Live)
    • Marl Karx - Spout


Saturday, 5 July 2008

Review: Violent Soho - We Don't Belong Here

Pixies, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., Tad, Green River, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, The Melvins, Sub Pop, Screaming Trees, Alice In Chains, Seattle, grunge, Seattle, grunge, Seattle, grunge, grunge, grunge.

Yes, Violent Soho are a cliché grunge band, and unashamedly so (just check out any one of their press photos for evidence). The beauty of a cliché, however, is that, unless someone comes along every once in a while to enforce it, the cliché ceases to exist. And Violent Soho are enforcers of the highest quality. If you were to listen to We Don't Belong Here without paying attention to the vocals you would be forgiven for thinking Violent Soho should be included in the above list. The lyrics are pure 21st century however. From the apathy of 'My Generation' ("My generation lives in moderation."), and the cynicism (and naivety) of 'Bombs Over Broadway', to the condemnation of our instant gratification culture in 'Muscle Junkie', We Don't Belong Here is no throwback album. So to spare repetition I will refrain from mentioning any of the previously mentioned bands.

Opening track 'Love Is A Heavy Word' sets the pace for the album with its hyperactive bassline, squealing feedback from the guitars, and some excellent vocals. God gets a nod in the song, and religion seems to be a reoccurring theme through the album, though not a positive one as the next song, 'Jesus Stole My Girlfriend', shows. 'Son Of Sam' and 'Muscle Junkie' recount feelings of isolation and being an outcast ("Beautiful girl you've got a hole in your heart."), and both are good songs, if a little derivative.

'Dumb Machine' is the next stand out track on the album. The song sees Violent Soho drifting from the grunge feel of previous songs to a slower, less heavy sound. Lyrically the song is more ambiguous then other material too ("The hours in your heart won't keep you warm."). 'Bombs Over Broadway' goes the opposite direction with blunt, yet catchy, lyrics ("Try and run away/Fuck the system.") and a riff that sounds as fresh as it did 3 years ago.

The epic 'Birth Of The Teen-Age' is next, and with its slow burning guitar and cryptic lyrics it is sure to remind the listener of a band which I promised not to mention again. 'Outsider' is a run of the mill acoustic guitar backed with strings-type number which doesn't really grab the listener. The closing track, 'Scrape It', has the opposite effect however, with it's ear-splitting feedback and pounding drums, not to mention one of the best uses of the word "yeah" in recent times.

We Don't Belong Here is a promising debut from Violent Soho.
The worst thing I can say about this album is that they didn't record their cover of GOD's 'My Pal'. While the band is susceptible to claims of being derivative, they are definitely getting close to mastering the art of banging out a catchy tune.


Thursday, 3 July 2008

Nova Scotia, The Sips, Turnpike @ Rosie's Bar (27.6.08)

Turnpike are fucking great band. They've consistently been my favourite local band since about the 3rd time I saw them. Their energy in a live setting can't be beaten, and they have a synergy between band members that can't be duplicated without having played together as a unit for a decade. Throw in some quality (if sporadic) releases over the course of their existence and you have something truly special.

That said, Turnpike started off a bit slowly on this particular occasion. The first song or two didn't really have that knife-edge energy that the band usually effortlessly project, and it wasn't until Adam turned his guitar way up that things started to click into place. The set consisted of about 50% new songs and 50% from their newer releases ('Selling This Century' from the Del Toro split, 'Do The Broken' and 'xxxxxx' from Humans Find Patterns), and if the rumours of Turnpike's impending demise turn out to be true I pray to God that they record and release the most recent batch of songs before bringing it all to an end.

I haven't seen The Sips in a really long time (partly due to the fact that their shows are somewhat few and far between these days). Back when I last saw them they had a country-pop influence that could occasionally be glimpsed in between the rest of the Ramones-esque punk rock. It would seem that that aspect of their sound has fallen by the wayside (or at least it wasn't evident at this show), because The Sips pretty much didn't let up the intensity for the entirety of their set. That's not really a bad thing, as their three-chord pop-punk songs are catchy enough on their own. The band tore through their beer-soaked set at maximum volume and pace before finishing with a hail of feedback and noise.

In their short lifetime Nova Scotia have become one of my favourite local bands. They combine pretty much everything you could want from an unashamedly straight-up indie-rock band: catchy melodies, volume, twisting three-guitar attacks, pop songs set against distortion and feedback. And powerdrills, can't forget the powerdrills. They've already released two great EPs which have displayed an admirable level of growth for such a new band, so one would hope that an album is not too far away. Playing their first show for quite a few months (after having pesky things like travelling and marriage get in the way), the band was actually super tight. I was expecting something a little more raw and sloppy, but that's not at all what I got. Their set finished impressively with the slow-burning title-track from their Maritime Disasters EP, rising up to a noisy crescendo before riding out on the songs' main riff.

Deaf Wish played last. They had lots of energy. They're from Melbourne, so that's all I'm going to write.


Gigs of the Week - July 3rd

There's a fair bit on this weekend, which is good news. Unfortunately, most of it seems to be on Friday night so you're going to have to make some choices.

Friday 4th:
Picasso Up Late: An Horse, Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side @ Gallery of Modern Art - for the regular price of entry to the exhibition you can also see these two great local bands.
Mary Trembles (Album Launch), Grand Fatal (NSW), Fickle Beasts, No Anchor @ The Troubadour - Mary Trembles launch their 'Borrowed Ears, Borrowed Eyes' album.
theredsunband (NSW), Butcher Birds, Sianna Lee @ The Globe
The Grates 'Secret' Show @ Brisbane River - although this is sold out, there are still tickets available via their message board etc.
Liquid Architecture 9: Rafael Toral (Portugal), Marcus Schmickler (Germany), Nat (Vic), Ian Wadley @ Brisbane Powerhouse - Local experimental music mogul Lawrence English puts on the first of two big nights.
Nikko, Blue Carousel @ Ric's Bar
Ohana (NSW), To The North, The King of Red Lions @ Fat Louie's Pool Hall - Ohana and To The North launch their split 7".
Punkfest: Deputy Dipshit, Sin City (Vic), Dead Ringers, The Pretty Boys, The Shrewms @ Rosie's
Tibet Fundraiser: Doch, Ranger, Speed of Purple, Tenzen Choegyal, Guy Webster @ The Zoo

Saturday 5th:
Andrew Pekler (Germany), Toy.Bizarre (France), Alex White (NSW), Richard Nunns + Clocked Out Duo (NZ/AU) @ Brisbane Powerhouse - Local experimental music mogul Lawrence English puts on the second of two big nights.
The Rocketsmiths, Stature::Statue @ Ric's Bar
Punkfest: The Fred Band, The Jim Rockfords, Sin City, Rotten Menace, Red Devotchkin @ Jubilee Hotel

Sunday 6th:
Live Spark: The Incredible Strand, The Sunburys, Andrew Morris @ Brisbane Powerhouse
Lamplight (Vic), Guy Webster, Kate Bradley @ The Troubadour