Thursday, 21 February 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - February 21st

After a week off, here's another round of Gigs of the Week.

Thursday 21st:
All & Sundry, Ambitious Lovers @ Ric's Bar - It's the last ever All & Sundry show, and the first one for the Ambitious Lovers in quite a long time (they've recently had a lineup change).
Fi Claus, Jackie Marshall, An Horse, Def Radio @ The Zoo
Sickboy (NSW), Peregrine (NSW), Rooftop Nightwatch, Inntown @ Step Inn

Friday 22nd:
Scul Hazzards, Violent Soho, Little Lovers, Nova Scotia, Feathers @ Step Inn - Scul Hazzards launch a 7" and say goodbye to Brisbane.
Joel Saunders, Dot.AY, Wax + Wire DJ @ Club Russia - A new club is opening at 15 Trafalgar St Woollongabba. This is the launch night, and as such it is ALL AGES.
Ignition Festival: Butterfingers, Bob Evans (WA), Yves Klein Blue, Mary Trembles, The Gin Club, Brindle, Kristy Apps @ University of Queensland
Television Eyes - Rialto Decibel Choir, Fricken Hex, Lucien Simon, The Revolutions, Fox N Arrow @ The Troubadour - Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V = 'Local filmmakers and musicians collide at the Troubadour this Friday night to present an evening of intersecting film and music.'
The Skybombers (Vic), Idle Cranes @ Ric's Bar

Saturday 23rd:
Texas Tea, Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side, Jacky Winter @ The Troubadour
Let's Not But Say We Did, Monster Monster @ Club Russia - Unlike the launch the previous night, this is not All Ages.
Toy Balloon, The Sea Shall Not Have Them @ Ric's Bar, 4pm
An Horse, Chalk & Cheese, Matt Palmer @ The Hive (161 Elizabeth St, CBD) - Another ALL AGES show.

Sunday 24th:
Yeo & The Fresh Goods, Mr Laneous @ Ric's Bar, 4pm

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