Tuesday, 27 May 2008

No Culture Festival

Now that the gigs o' the week have gone bye-bye, I thought that this event was deserving of its own post.

The 3rd No Culture Festival is being held this weekend. For the first time the festival is being spread over three nights and three venues. These nights and venues are as follows:

Friday 30th @ Lofly Hangar ($15)
This is the 'hardcore/punk' night. 4 bands, 15minute sets each. The name act on this night is Ampere from the US, with the rest of the bill being filled out by Majorca (from Melbourne) and our own To The North and Quiet Steps.

Saturday 31st @ Ahimsa House, West End ($15)
Starting at 1pm and finishing at 1am the following morning, this is the big one, with a total of 16 bands on the lineup (in the following order, from last to first): Baseball (Melbourne), Turnpike, Luca Brasi (Melbourne), Arrows, True Radical Miracle (Melbourne / Adelaide), Charge Group (Sydney), Alps of NSW (Newcastle), Pikelet (Melbourne), Kes Band (Melbourne), Rialto Decibel Choir (playing potentially their final show), The Surrogate, Willows, Maiden Names, Fourth Is To Burn Warehouses, Otters, Swandive. For times go here.

Sunday 1st @ The Troubadour ($8)
The folky comedown show at the end. Pikelet (Melbourne), Charge Group (Sydney), Let's Not But Say We Did, Chalk & Cheese.


Anonymous said...

Fukkin Punk!!!! I'm down with taht shit muthafukka!! Woo! i hope my parents let me go

Anonymous said...

update! update! more entries plz

Gav said...

I know, we've been bad, I'll post up 1-3 reviews this weekend I promise.

Joanna said...