Friday, 20 March 2009


Nightstick were a great freaking band. One moment they were one of the most exciting things to happen to Brisbane in a long time, playing show after electrifying show before disappearing to record their debut album... and then never coming back. They left us with one all-too-short EP and our memories... oh, and a couple of low budget live DVDs which have now been put onto Youtube by their creators. Check them out below:

Fullfazi Video Clip:

Invisible Man live @ Ric's:

Theme live @ Ric's:

3-Way live @ Ric's <- my favourite

The Sac live @ Ric's

Push It Away live @ The Zoo

Pills live @ The Zoo

Saints live @ The Dukes of Windsor

Thanks to Strictly, indiie and of course Nightstick. For those interested in what the band members are up to these days, Heinz Riegler has recently started playing solo (he supports No Anchor and Lawrence English on Saturday), Tam Patton plays in Del Toro and Martin Lee plays in Ranger.


Daz Murray said...

Awesome! I loved Nightstick

Ben Bus said...

sweet, ex-housemate has my DVD. haven't seen Heinz solo yet, can't wait.