Thursday, 16 April 2009

Gigs of the Week - April 16th

Damn there's a lot on this weekend.

Thursday 16th:

Toy Balloon, Velociraptor @ Ric's Bar
The Gonzo Show, The Chemists, Swaying Buildings @ The Zoo
Mr Rascal, The Moses Gunn Collective @ Verve Cafe

Friday 17th:
Giants of Science, Hits, No Anchor @ The Troubadour
I Heart Hiroshima, Potato Master @ Ric's Bar
Underexposed: Black Market Rhythm Co, Drawn From Bees, Tim Loydell & The Deckchairs, Banawurun, Mikki Ross @ Joshua Levi Galleries - Music photography exhibition kicks off.
Texas Tea - Queen St Mall (5pm)
Teleprompter, The Strange Attractors, Fasttrack Euphoria @ The Zoo

Saturday 18th:
The Gin Club, Texas Tea, Yves Klein Blue @ Rockinghorse Records (12:30pm) - Record Store Day celebrations!
The Rational Academy, Nova Scotia, Seaplane, Loomer @ The Hangar
Underexposed: Screamfeeder, My Fiction, Grand Atlantic, The Cairos, Parlour Style @ Joshua Levi Galleries
Butcher Birds, Vegas Kings, J-Pan Fan @ The Troubadour
Mr Maps, Nikko @ Ric's Bar
Brutal Hate Mosh @ Ric's Bar (4pm)
Arrows, Our Anatomy, Francis, Piers @ Fat Louie's Pool Hall
Wind & Brackets, Ouch My Face (Vic), Fait Accompli @ The Valley Studios

Sunday 19th:
Dizzygotheca, Collapsicon @ Ric's Bar
Live Spark: Chloe Turner, Sam Buckingham @ The Powerhouse

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