Friday, 5 June 2009

Gigs of the Week - June 5th

Friday 5th:
Quan, Running Guns, Moon Jog @ Ric's Bar
Mary Trembles, Sulphur Lights, The Estates @ Step Inn (Front Bar)
Kick A Hole In The Sky (You Am I Tribute) - Speedstar, The Rocketsmiths, The Daisycutters, The Blackwater Fever, Andrew Petersen @ The Troubadour
Almost Invisible: Axxonn, Do The Robot, The Scrapes @ Browning St Studios
Autumn Exchange (Redux): Oh Ye Denver Birds, Kitchen's Floor, Cougar Flashy (Vic), Marl Carx, Folk Faulk, Loose Grip @ Ahimsa House (7:30pm)
Greenfest @ Brisbane Botanic Gardens - see

Saturday 6th:
Paddington Fair: Dave McCormack & The Polaroids, The Horrortones, Halfway, Sabrina Lawrie, Madeline Paige, The Honey Month, Re:Enactment, lots more @ Neal Macrossan Park (from 10am)
Beachfield, The Little Lovers, Greg Charles @ The Troubadour
Holes And Poles: Anal Traffic, Jacob Diefenbach, Twist Oliver Twist, Silver Circus, Lesbian Super Group @ The Globe
The Black Water Fever, Little Parade @ Ric's
New Neighbors (USA), Re:Enactment, Aviator Lane, Mt Augustus @ The Hangar
Greenfest @ Brisbane Botanic Gardens - see

Sunday 7th:
4zzz's Brain Banana @ Jubilee Hotel - featuring way too many acts for me to list here, check out the 4zzz website instead.
Live Spark: Halfway, The Black Dog @ The Powerhouse
Greenfest @ Brisbane Botanic Gardens - see

Tuesday 9th:
Hungry Kids of Hungary, Oh Mercy, Tara Simmons @ The Troubadour

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