Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Gigs of the Week - August 5th

Wednesday 5th:
Suzie Stapleton, Sabrina Lawrie & The Hunting Party, Skritch, Tal Wallace @ The Troubadour

Thursday 6th:
Mt Augustus, Ambitious Lovers, Bud Petal (NSW), The Scrapes @ Browning St Studios
My Fiction, The Oyster Murders, A Horse Darkly @ The Zoo

Friday 7th:
I Heart Hiroshima, DZ, Seja Vogel, Stemford Hiss @ The Zoo
Grand Salvo (Vic), Jessica Says (Vic), McKisko, Lion Island, ChalkAndCheese, JA Core @ Browning St Studios
The Gonzo Show, Wipedoubt, The Young Liberals @ Step Inn - note: This is not the Young Liberals featuring members of The Gin Club, Butcher Birds etc. This is an instrumental, 'post rock' esque Young Liberals.

Saturday 8th:
The Boat People, Dan Parsons, Ball Park Music @ The Troubadour
Local Produce: Mary Trembles, Drawn From Bees, Joel Myles, The Mercy Beat @ The HiFi
Teleprompter, The Arks @ Ric's Bar

Tuesday 11th:
Fans: Talons (NSW), Idle Cranes (EP Launch), Stature::Statue, Velociraptor @ Alhambra

Wednesday 12th:
Idle Cranes (EP Launch) @ Love, Love Studio (1pm, 27 Florence St, Newstead) - A BBQ and art show that is also functioning as Idle Cranes' record launch (in addition to the previous night at Alhambra).
Running Guns, The Kents @ Ric's Bar

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