Thursday, 13 September 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - September 13th ... FIESTA!!!

Yes, it's that time of year again. The time when thousands of people flock to the Valley for a few days... causing a whole horde of other people to STAY THE HELL AWAY. Yes, it's the annual Valley Fiesta. Maybe you'll decide to brave the crowds, maybe you'll decide to look for entertainment elsewhere. Either way, the following may come in useful...

First, the non-Fiesta gigs:

Thursday 13th:
Stereo Total, Sekiden, Do The Robot @ The Zoo
Idle Cranes, Carry Nation, Steve Troy, Des De Mona @ Bar Soma

Friday 14th:
Dave McCormack, Intercooler, Fi Claus @ The Zoo - The launch of the soundtrack for the movie 'All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane'.
SixFtHick, Loene Carmen @ The Troubadour - SixFtHick raise money for Europe.
Stature::Statue, Re-Enactment @ Ric's Bar
The Gin Club, The Rocketsmiths, Wind & Brackets, The Shrewms, Confessions, The Ten Fours @ Rosie's On Edward - A pretty big lineup, and it's in the City, far from the Valley.

Saturday 15th:
The Smallgoods, Laura K & The Aeroplanes, The John Steel Singers @ The Troubadour - A really great pop gig, I wish I could go.
Rooftop Nightwatch, Carry Nation @ Ric's (Cheeseboard, 4pm)
To The North, Ohana (NSW), Drowned Out, All & Sundry, Yeow Meow, Carry Nation, Deer Folk, Genevieve Graves @ Juggler's Art Space - Launch of The Lifted Brow zine. One of many recommended gigs this weekend.
Greg Brady & The Anchors, Bell Divers, Teeming With Wildlife @ Fat Louie's
Turnpike, Buildings Melt, Aoi, Joel Edmonson @ Lofly Hangar, 151 Musgrave Rd Red Hill

Sunday 16th:
Mercy Dolls, Little Vegas & Fuzz Parade @ Ric's Bar (3pm)

And now my personal favourites from the Fiesta Gigs:

Grand Atlantic - 5:50pm, Chinatown Stage
Tim Steward - 7:10pm, Chinatown Stage

Warm Guns - 1:10pm, Tooheys Stage
Butcher Birds - 2:00pm, Chinatown Stage
Scul Hazzards - 3:40pm, Chinatown Stage
Iron On - 5:00pm, Chinatown Stage
Violent Soho - 6:55pm, Tooheys Stage

Yves Klein Blue - 3:10pm, Tooheys Stage
Ed Kuepper - 4:10pm, Tooheys Stage

Jesus Christ, that's a lot of music for one weekend.

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Gav said...

I haven't been this spoiled for choice on a Saturday in months. Figures that I've already got plans :(