Friday, 19 October 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - October 19th

Yes, there are more gigs.

Friday 19th:
Cuthbert & The Nightwalkers (NSW), The Rocketsmiths, Plastic Plastic Alice, McKisko @ The Globe
Cloud Control (NSW), Mt Augustus @ Ric's Bar
Lords of Wong, Hits, The Dangermen, New Jack Rubies, Subcity Smack @ Rosie's Upbar

Saturday 20th:
Doch Gypsy Orchestra @ The Powerhouse
Beer & Loathing In Bris Vegas: The Gonzo Show, Aheadphonehome, The Sea Shall Not Have Them, Come To Where The Carpet Stops, Premier Nights, Swaying Buildings @ The Troubadour
Toy Balloons, Tragic/Athletic @ Ric's (3pm)
Peabody (NSW), Yeow Meow @ Ric's (9pm)

Sunday 21st:
Doch Gypsy Orchestra @ The Powerhouse
Regurgitator, New Pants (China), I Heart Hiroshima @ The Met


Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah muthafucka!!!

Fuck yeah.

simon said...

no peter combe at the zoo (21 october)?

Cam said...

is peter combe from brisbane? because if so, that's a huge oversight on my behalf. the man is a legend.

Gav said...

New Pants are from teh Beijing

Cam said...

oh yeah. i couldn't remember where they were from exactly, so i wrote 'japan' as a placeholder. i just forgot to go back and find out where they were actually from.

simon said...

i think he's from melbourne or adelaide.
but he's playing in brisbane.

Cam said...

oh yeah, i know he's playing here. but to get into gig's of the week you have to be FROM brisbane (or close enough to).

Darragh said...

Cloud Control were awesome!