Friday, 5 October 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - October 5th

Friday 5th:

The Rocketsmiths, The John Steel Singers @ Ric's Bar - Classic guitar pop.
Brindle, Wind & Brackets, Flaminga Crash, Liam Griffin @ The Globe
Johnny Cash Tribute Night @ The Troubadour - I shot a man in Brunswick St Mall, just to watch him die... and because I didn't like his man-bag.

Saturday 6th:
Del Toro, Rialto Decibel Choir, Mass Migration, Chris Perren & The Wicky Massive @ LoFly Hangar - Should be atmospheric
Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side @ Ric's Bar (3pm Cheeseboard)
Flaminga Crash, Do The Robot @ Ric's Bar (9pm)
Intercooler, Mary Trembles, The Gallant @ Step Inn - Intercooler and Mary Trembles are attempting to raise money to head overseas.
Jacob S Harris, Mexico City, Texas Kate (ie: Kate from Texas Tea), Chris Dale @ The Troubadour - mellow out.
Ryu Vs Ken, Willows, Space Between Trains @ Fat Louies
Turtle Creek, Dead Stock Circa, Mt Augustus @ The Alley - early in the evening (6pm). Hardcore/metal bands take over for the second half of the evening. I have no knowledge of them so I neither recommend nor un-recommend (???) that part of the night.

Sunday 7th:
Iron On, Do The Robot @ The Powerhouse (3pm) - a free show, as part of the Live Spark series.
We Are All Aliens Showcase @ Tongue & Groove - a showcase for the forthcoming 'We Are All Aliens' compilation CD (featuring a selection of Brisbane 'indie' artists). Unfortunately I've heard that Blue Carousel and Tricycle Fair have had to pull out, but there's still Joel Saunders, Illage, Mark Zian, Chloe Turner, Veya, Mt Augustus and a whole heap more. Starts at 6:30pm.

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There are too many gigs, can you recommend a few next time.