Thursday, 15 November 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - November 15th

Thursday 15th:
Warm Guns, The Confessions @ Ric's Bar - Warms Gun have a new CD out, in case you weren't aware.

Friday 16th:
Ohana (NSW), To The North, Let's Not (But Say We Did) @ The Troubadour - Intricate post-hardcore meets intricate folk. Not as uncommon as you might think.
Ghosts of Television, Secret Birds @ Ric's Bar - Bands playing at Ric's.

Saturday 17th:
Seaplane (video shoot), Nova Scotia, Teeming With Wildlife, ReStream @ Lofly Hangar - Gig of the week.
Dick Desert & The Shotgun Country Club, The Re-mains, Bob Weatherall, Sue Ray @ The Troubadour - Country/rock at The Troubadour. Can anyone notice a pattern?
Mass Migration, The Strange Attractors @ Ric's (4pm) - 'Art rock' (apparently), but coming at the term from completely different directions.
Idle Cranes, Wind & Brackets @ Ric's Bar (9pm) - It's, like, psychedelic, man.
The Pints (CD Launch), Sydney City Trash, The Disables, Spent Shells, Bad Moon Company, The Black Market, The Wayne Keys Show, Jack Flash, Insurgents, Ringpull, Seedy Gringo @ Jubilee Hotel - That's one hell of a lot of garage rock.

Sunday 18th:
Agreeable Kids Social Club: BigStrongBrute, Joel Saunders, Monster Monster @ Brisbane City Library (4pm, All Ages) - Thoroughly nice kids, in name and in nature.
Live Spark: The Boat People, The John Steel Singers @ The Powerhouse - pop music on a Sunday afternoon.

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