Thursday, 29 November 2007

Review: Yeo - Trouble Being Yourself

No, you haven't imbibed to much cough syrup, the above image features the multi-talented Yeo who has just dropped his debut album. Yeo has been steadily making a name for himself locally and nationaly as a prodigous talent (Zan Rowe of Triple J has touted him as Australia's answer to Phoenix and Cornelius) and, with Trouble Being Yourself, Yeo has definitely stepped up to meet those expectations.

The album is a fresh change from the usual fair coming out of Brisbane, combining a number of influences not usual touched on by local artists. Yeo tackles genres as diverse as R'n'B, French touch, reggae, funk, and electro-clash. While this may seem to be a course for disaster, Yeo never feels out of water on any of the tracks. From the basketball-sampling 'The Score' and the Specials meets Architecture In Helsinki 'Fishin' With Aidan', to the twee acoustic number 'My Greatest Fear' or the electro-funk freakout that is 'Backflips In The Kitchen', Yeo has crafted a sensationally eclectic album. There is no doubt that there are tracks on Trouble Being Yourself to suit any musical taste.

On stage Yeo employs a backing band, The Fresh Goods, to recreate his expansive sound. While no future gigs are confirmed at the moment, keep an eye out for an album launch in December. In the meantime you can grab Trouble Being Yourself from Rockinghorse, Butter Beats, or The Outpost Store. As a primer here's 'Study Buddy' of the album. It's a track that sits somewhere on the scale between George Clinton and Prince, so you're sure to enjoy.

Yeo - Study Buddy off Trouble Being Yourself


Anonymous said...

it's about time Australia had an answer to phoenix and cornelius

Banana said...

the boy certainly has more than a little talent up his sleeve!

anyways, i just finished interviewing him and thought you might be interested:

INTERVIEW WITH YEO: On 'Trouble Being Yourself'

Ridhi Web Expert said...

How long do we have to wait before Hollywood starts "spreading the wealth around"?
Thank you
Brad Fallon