Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Cam's Gig's of the Christmas / New Year Period

Well, this is the last of the gig guides for this year. There's a lot going on in the next two weeks, and since I'll be out of town next week I figured I might as well just write all of the upcoming gigs down in one go.

Thursday 20th:
Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side @ Ric's Bar
Bonefinger Xmas Party: Glasshouse, Grand Atlantic, Idle Cranes @ The Troubadour - a free show, but email stew@bonefingerrecords.com to be on the list to gain entry.

Friday 21st:
Bloon, Rialto Decibel Choir, An Horse, Dollface, DJ sets for ReStream and Lowbitlove @ The Lofly Hangar - what a way to see out the working year. I think I'm going to end this night drunk, in tears and in love with everybody. You should too, wherever you may end up.
Scul Hazzards, Quiet Steps @ Ric's Bar - Maybe you'll end up here. You wouldn't be doing badly if that were the case.
Godnose, Dick Nasty, Plan of Attack @ Club Phoenix - Or maybe here?
The Horrortones, Digger & The Pussycats, The Band From Hong Kong, The Heels @ The Troubadour - SUPERBAND plays Christmas show.

Saturday 22nd:
The Gin Club, Texas Tea, The Rocketsmiths, At Sea @ The Zoo - this should be a really great Christmas party. The Gin Club will also be selling copies of their new rarities album, 'Hissy Fit'.
Intercooler, Iron On, Mary Trembles, An Horse @ Skinnys - say goodbye to a Brisbane institution with this special, final in-store on Saturday... and buy some cheap stuff while you're there.
Young Doctors, SixFtHick @ Ric's Bar
The Red Paintings @ The Tivolo - There's an All Ages show at 3pm, then a special Adults Only version at 7pm. Don't forget your Dr Seuss outfit.
Postcards For Abby, Sunflower, Hazards of Swimming Naked @ Valley Mall Rotunda - I'm not sure how the Hazards got this gig, but I say there needs to be more apocalyptic post-rock in the Valley Mall.

Sunday 23rd:
Bloon, Plutonic9 (USA), Uriema (USA), Chelsea Charlton @ Sub-Station #4 (Petrie Tce)

Wednesday 26th:
The Dave McCormack Supa Fun Happy Post Xmas Show @ Ric's Bar - Ric's really are putting in with the Christmas spirit this year, hey?

Thursday 27th:
Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side @ Ric's Bar - again!

Saturday 29th:
Violent Soho, The Sips @ Ric's Bar - It seems like most of the other major venues are shut.

Wednesday 2nd:
Yeow Meow, Joel Saunders @ Ric's Bar - Still, you only need one good show a night, right?

Thursday 3rd:
Granite Lakes, Ben Salter & The Young Liberals @ Ric's Bar - Yep, Ric's again.

Friday 4th:
Rialto Decibel Choir (EP Launch), Split Sombre (Vic), Do The Robot, Dollface @ The Troubadour - Rialto launch their debut EP with some great bands.
Quiet Steps, Turnpike @ Ric's Bar - man, I'm going to be running between Ric's and the Troubadour all night.

Saturday 5th:
BigStrongBrute, All & Sundry, Greg Charles, Let's Not (But Say We Did) @ The Troubadour - should be a fine, fine show.
At Sea @ Ric's Bar (3pm)
Feathers, Secret Birds @ Ric's Bar (9pm)

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