Thursday, 6 December 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - December 6th

Things aren't quite as crazily busy as they were last weekend, but there's still a few things to choose from.

Thursday 6th:
Teeming With Wildlife, Candy Falls @ Ric's Bar

Friday 7th:
Television Records Christmas Party: Edward Guglielmino & Tim Carroll, Jackie Marshall, Carry Nation, Lucien Simon, Cameron Elliott, CometowherethecarpetstopS @ The Troubadour
Dizzy Gotheca, Twist Oliver Twist @ Ric's Bar
Busymen, Pineapples from the Dawn of Time, Kewpie Doll @ Rosies Upstairs

Saturday 8th:
Iron On (EP Launch), Violent Soho, Butcher Birds @ The Zoo
Capital, Hot Liquid Sex @ Ric's Bar
4zzzFM Birthday Bash: The Meanies, Blowhard, SixFtHick, Dick Nasty, Suspect 7, Nova Scotia, Nightillion, Afro Dizzi Act, Dub Doubt, The Dangerman, Elation, Lao Mirador, Bazmati, Dementia 13, Timber & Steel Sound System @ Jubilee Hotel - Starts at 12pm, just the one stage. I saw a timetable somewhere but can't find it right now... if it turns up I'll post it here.
Euripides Berserker, Ryu Vs Ken, Quiet Steps, Collisions @ Fat Louie's

Tuesday 11th:
Dew Process Christmas Party: The Grates, Dr Dog, Whitley, Yves Klein Blue @ The Zoo


ex_king_john said...

the zzz gig starts at 3.00pm and dick nasty play at 1.00am after the Meanies so i suspect only the one stage.

Cam said...

actually it starts at noon. forgot to update, will do so now.

and yes, only one stage.