Thursday, 26 June 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - June 26th

So, since people apparently used to read these things I figured I'd start them up again.

Thursday 26th:
I Used To Skate Once: I Heart Hiroshima, Ouch! My Face (Vic), No Anchor, Good God @ The Zoo - It's free! Definitely very recommended. That said, I can't go. :(

Friday 27th:
Nova Scotia, Deaf Wish (Vic), The Sips, Turnpike @ Rosie's Upstairs - Nova Scotia's first show for a while, and one of Turnpike's last shows... for ever??? Some listings have this as being on Saturday night, but it's not.

Saturday 28th:
Stature::Statue, Emergency Emergency, The Cairos @ Valley Studios - Another first show for a while? Stature::Statue return.
Ouch! My Face (Vic), Art of the State, Go Go Go Go! @ Ric's Bar
Deaf Wish (Vic), The Insurgents, Shock Value, Turnpike @ Jugera Arts Hall - All Ages.
Ska Extravaganza: Foghorn Leghorn, Blowhard, Suspect 7, Rubix Cuba @ Coolangatta Hotel

Sunday 29th:
The John Steel Singers, Skinny Jean @ The Powerhouse (3pm) - Another free Live Spark show.
Edward Guglielmino, Mei Lai Swan, Chris Brady @ The Troubadour


Anonymous said...

Are they any gigs on that are better than these?

Cam said...

yes, but i left them off because i'm petty.

Anonymous said...

u suk

Petatron said...

this is the second time now that a go go go go! show has been in the gig of the week post. it makes me wonder if people like us, or if its just the bands we are playing with are rad. i'm going with that one. still its nice to see things in print. :D