Monday, 30 June 2008

Weekly News - June 30th

So weekly might be a somewhat misleading title, but I'm going to try and get this back on schedule.

  • In case you've yet to hear, Brisbane has a new festival in the guise of Sounds Of Spring. The event will be held October 11 at the RNA Showgrounds. Unfortunately the first lineup doesn't excite me all that much, with only a smattering of interesting acts on the bill. Hopefully any forthcoming announcements can rectify this.
  • I'm not sure if I totally grasp the concept of Brisbane PARK(ing) Day, but from what I can tell it partially involves gigs being played in carparks. I'm all for this sort of thing, and if you are to then head over to the website to get involved. The actual day is September 19th so get in quick.
  • Room40 head honcho Lawrence English has a forthcoming album titled Kiri No Oto. The album is apparently an attempt to transpose "the visual effects of mist, mirage, snow fall and the like to a variety of acoustic situations."
  • Local imprint Mere Noise Records is now offering a number of past releases for purchase on iTunes. The label has released some great records from bands like Texas Tea, Butcher Birds, The Dangermen, and The Warm Guns.
  • New Music:
    • At Sea - Scream Like A Queen (Live): This is a damn good song; sounds like The Drones if Gareth Liddiard was a girl.
    • No Anchor - Drone Me Out Pt.1/Drone Me Out Pt.2/The Night Of My 2nd Car Crash: These three tracks are off No Anchor's forthcoming debut, Fire Flood And Acid Mud (which was recorded by Cam). For and band consisting of just bass and drums, No Anchor get a very impressive sound happening.
    • Mr. Rascal - Here Comes The Winter/Funeral Song/Ode To Peace: Mr Rascal also has an album due in the near future, and they're showcasing the songs on myspace at the moment. These three are all great little folk-rock numbers. 'Ode To Peace' is a standout with its mandolin/choir thing making it something like Radiohead's 'Exit Music (For A Film)'.
    • Do The Robot - Dressed In Red (Demo): Sounds like strawberry ice-cream.
    • The Fricken Hecks - Hot Kives/NIghtmare of Anne Stripe/For The Girls
    • Hot Liquid Sex - Emergency: From their debut EP Unexpect The Expected.


Anonymous said...

Sounds of spring should be awesome!!! spazzy's rock!

daz said...

You're right, the lineup aint that great.