Thursday, 14 August 2008

Gigs of the Week - August 14th

Ok, it's the weekend of the big gig.

Thursday 14th:
Adelle, Art Vandelay, Ryu Vs Ken @ The Zoo

Friday 15th:
Stranded Compilation Launch: The Rational Academy, Tragic/Athletic, Nova Scotia, Ambitious Lovers, Monster Monster @ The Zoo - It's the launch of our triple-CD Brisbane Band compilation. Entry is $8, CDs will be $15.
Robert Forster @ The Powerhouse - I suppose that this is an acceptable reason to miss the Stranded launch (although this starts pretty early so you could well do both).
Blackmilk (WA), Granite Lakes, Idle Cranes @ The Troubadour

Saturday 16th:
Little Scout (EP Launch), Idle Cranes, Fun At Sea @ Rosie's Upstairs
The Lifted Brow Magazine launch: Joel Saunders & Crazy Hearse, Blue Carousel, The Estates, Monster Monster @ The Troubadour
Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade, Blackmilk (WA), The Fricken Hecks @ The Valley Studios
SixFtHick @ Ric's Bar
Calvara, Tim Loydell @ Rics's Bar Cheeseboard (4pm)

There's also the Sideshow Valley thing at The Jubilee on Saturday.

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