Friday, 22 August 2008

Gigs of the Week - August 22nd

Friday 22nd:
ii (Vic), Blank Realm, Yeow Meow, Lawrence English / Leighton Craig / Eugene Carchesio @ Tongue & Groove
The Boat People (Album Launch), The Rocketsmiths, Skinny Jean, Dash & Will @ The Zoo
Hungry Kids of Hungary, Little Scout, Buick Six @ The Valley Studios
Mr Rascal, Mojo Webb, Doug Wilshire & The Tailspinners @ The Globe

Saturday 23rd:
Tragic/Athletic (EP Launch... Mk II?), Stature::Statue @ Ric's Bar
DZ, The Shrewms @ Ric's Bar Cheeseboard (4pm)
The John Steel Singers, The Gallant, Yeo & The Fresh Goods @ QPAC Cascade Court
Hungry Kids of Hungary, The Grove, Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade @ Tongue & Groove

Sunday 24th:
Live Spark: Ben Stewart (Album Launch), Mt Augustus @ The Powerhouse (3pm)


Anonymous said...

Yo, does anyone know what's happening with the street press recently. I see Timeoff was bought out recently and Scene had an open letter protesting it and lots of other stuff and now it appears there isn't an issue of Timeoff out this week. WTFs with that?

Cam said...

there's a timeoff this week. it has the kooks on the cover. timeoff have been saying that they've increased circulation since being bought out, so one would think they'd be even easier to find.

not sure what to think about the street press lately. rave seemed to have stepped up their game though, which has been good to see. they've reviewed a few local shows recently that i wouldn't have expected them to, so kudos for that. i'm yet to notice timeoff's promised increase in local content. i guess it's still early days, though.