Thursday, 4 September 2008

Gigs of the Week - September 4th (Plus Rave's Stranded Review)

You know how we've been promising to have some substantial posts soon? Well we should have a few posts on some relatively new local releases in the near future. Anyway, here are some shows to see over the next few days:

(This will be more useful than this week's Timeoff, which actually has the gig guide for MELBOURNE printed in it. Nice work Street Press Australia.)

Thursday 4th:
MTV Kickstart: Tragic/Athletic, Little Scout, The Rocketsmiths, The Cairos, Villains of Wilhelm @ The Troubadour - You have to go to this page to sign up for entry. It's free, and it starts at 7:30pm. The bands all play two-song sets.
The Art of the State, My Fiction @ Ric's Bar

Friday 5th:
No Anchor, Turnpike, Grasshopper @ Tongue & Groove - recommendation of the week.
Underlapper (NSW), The Rational Academy, Mr Maps @ The Valley Studios - co-recommendation of the week.
The Vegas Kings (Live Album launch), King Automatic (France), DZ @ The Troubadour - co-co-recommendation of the week. It's just a shame that they're all on at the same time.
Nikko, Dos Hell, Une Garcon @ Tabu Nightclub
Neil Young Tribute: Chris Pickering, Dan Parsons, Dextor's Conscience, Steve Grady & The Hillsides, The Wells @ The Globe

Saturday 6th:
Underlapper (NSW), Tragic/Athletic, McKisko @ Lofly Hangar (151 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill) - can I have four recommendations in a week?
The Z-Rays, Nikko
@ Ric's Bar
The Oyster Murders, Idle Cranes, Twist Oliver Twist, Loomer @ The Valley Studios
Pineapples From The Dawn of Time, Kamikaze (SA), Blowhard, Crackwhores (Vic), The Busymen, Chucknee @ Step Inn

Also, Rave reviewed the Stranded Compilation this week. Thanks guys. Here's the review:
"Local music blog releases three discs of awesome.

Reviewing Stranded is rather obvious. Anyone who has an interest in the Brisbane music scene needs to own this. Anyone who claims to represent the Brisbane music scene abroad needs to have this stapled to their forehead. Any band who aren’t represented here, had better hope there’s another one. Personally, my only wish is that they manage to encompass a greater spectrum of genres next time. That would trump anything Brisbane City Council could ever hope to do. But then ... so does this. Bravo.


Remember, you can buy copies of Stranded via credit card or Paypal by clicking on that little button on the right and we'll post one out to you (payment is all done via Paypal, so it's totally secure). You can also buy it from Rockinghorse. Triple CD, 42 bands, all profits to Red Cross Queensland, etc. There's the plug.


Anonymous said...

PS Tragic/Athletic are playing on Saturday night at the Hanger with Underlapper (Sydney).

PPS Cam's band Little Scout is really good.

Cam said...

shit, i totally forgot about that one. not enough to not talk about it with people yesterday, just enough to post it here.

also i only play in little scout sometimes. i'm more the recording dude for the band.

Stuart said...

Hi guys, after some consideration I just posted a review of 'Stranded' on the music criticism website Rate Your Music:

Nice work, and how funny that Time Off had Melbourne gigs listed in this week's edition. I don't even bother picking that magazine up anymore since they were bought out. Talk about boring!

Andrew McMillen said...

Online order placed for Stranded, keen to wrap my ears around it sometime this week. Thanks guys!

Gav said...

Cheers for the review Stuart!

And I hope you enjoy the CD's too Andrew.

Cam said...

Stuart: thanks very much for your review. You're very kind.