Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Gigs of the Week - September 10th

This is a busy week. There's Valley Fiesta, Big Sound and plenty of other shows. I'm not going to list the shows related to those two events, since you can check them out via the links and there's too many for me to be bothered typing out (although I will make mention of the Ups & Downs show on Saturday night in the Chinatown Mall, I'm definitely going to that since I missed the Pig City Festival - was in Melbourne at the time).

Wednesday 10th:
Idle Cranes, Deux Garcons @ Ric's Bar - The opening of Idle Cranes' own Jon Weber's art exhibition.

Thursday 11th:
Heinz Riegler & Lawrence English @ GoMA Cinematheque (2pm) - Heinz has been invited by GoMA to curate the Contemporary Music Program for their German Expressionist Film Festival. Throughout the next three months various artists will provide improvised soundtracks to the silent films. This first show features Heinz himself and local experimental music king Lawrence English backing the following two films: 'The Life And Death of 9413 - A Hollywood Extra' and 'La Chute de la Maison Usher'. Entry is free.
Qua, The Rational Academy, Panoptique Electrical @ Judith Wright Centre - This will be the last show for Meredith McHugh and Ollie Mackay in tRA.
Blue Carousel, The Soma @ Ric's Bar
The Hungry Kids of Hungary, Steve Grady, Kissy Trouble Company, Joe Barbaro, Benjamin Hooper @ Bar Soma

Friday 12th:
Bastard Experimental Music Festival: Monster Zoku Onsomb!, The Tango Saloon, Silent Partners, The Cunt Offensive, Crab Smasher, Sugar Logic @ The Globe
Mono: Lucas Abela, Robin Fox, Blank Realm, Tim Olive (Japan) @ IMA, Judith Wright Centre (7pm)
Violent Soho, Straight Arrows (NSW), Slug Guts @ Rosie's
Kim Salmon & The Surrealists (WA), Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side, The Butcher Birds, Kewpie Doll @ Step Inn
Steve Grady & The Wild Pidgeons @ The Hive

Saturday 13th:
Heinz Riegler & Lawrence English, DJ Olive (USA) @ GoMA Cinematheque (11am) - same deal as the Thursday show, except that the film for this show will be 'Warning Shadows'.

Coming in the next few days: reviews of releases by Tragic/Athletic and Jane Woody.

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