Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Gigs of the Week - September 23rd

My computer was having difficulties last week so there was no gig guide (and there were some good shows on, too). This week I thought I'd put the gig guide up a fraction earlier to make amends.

Wednesday 24th:
Kahl Monticone @ GoMA Cinematheque (12pm) - performing a live score to the movie 'Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (Waxworks)' as part of the 'Out of the Shadows: German Expressionism and Beyond' exhibition (apologies to Kahl for initially misspelling his name).

Thursday 25th:
Mr Maps, To The North @ Ric's Bar - the best word to describe this night would be 'precise'.
The Quills, Andrew Taylor, The Figures @ The Zoo

Friday 26th:
Rollerball, Sonofabitch, Shelfin, Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade, The Young Poisoners @ Rosie's
Black Mustang, Wind & Brackets, The Gallant, The Pretty Boys, The Cairos @ Valley Hotel Bar 388
The Medicine Show, The Jim Rockfords, The Working Girls @ Clarance Corner Hotel
Re:Enactment, Toy Balloon, Deux Garcon @ Tongue & Groove

Saturday 27th:
Celibate Rifles (NSW), Community Cervix, Del Toro, Slick 46, The Pints, Black Mustang, Boondall Boys, Neighbourhood Swine, Sonic Porno, The Wayne Keys Show, Lords of Wong @ Jubilee Hotel (4pm) - 4ZzZ fundraiser.
The Gin Club, Tim Steward Band, James Grehan @ QPAC Cascade Court - QPAC's weekly free all-ages show.
Ben Ely's Radio 5 @ Ric's Bar

Sunday 28th:
Live Spark: The Cairos, Fasttrack to Euphoria @ The Powerhouse


Ben Bus said...

Might I add Toy Balloon and Re:enactment at Tongue and Groove.

Cam said...

You may indeed. Or at least, I will for you. Tah.