Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Gigs of the Week - November 12th

Lots on this weekend. Too much, even.

Wednesday 12th:
Grasshopper @ GoMA (4pm) - Soundtracking 'Alraune' as part of Out of the Shadows: German Expressionism & Beyond.
Buildings Melt, Monster Monster @ Ric's Bar

Friday 14th:
Secret Birds, Mr Maps, Loomer, Deux Garcon @ The Hangar (151 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill)
The John Steel Singers, Cuthbert & The Nightwalkers (NSW), Major Major (Vic) @ The Zoo - JSS launch their 'In Colour' EP.
Wine In The Teacups Variety Show: Vanessa Hodgins, Emma Hales, Madeleine Johns, Laura K @ The Valley Studios
The Bakelite Age (Vic), Vegas Kings, The Z-Rays, The Heels @ The Step Inn

Saturday 15th:
Mass Migration (EP Launch), Tom Cooney, Nikko, Monster Monster @ The Hangar (151 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill)
Crux (NSW), Scum System Kill (NSW), No Anchor, Septic Surge @ Club Russia (15 Trafalgar St, Woolloongabba) - All Ages.
The John Steel Singers, Little Scout, Blue Trial Records @ Bon Amici's (Toowoomba)
Hungry Kids of Hungary, Flamingo Crash, My Fiction @ The Valley Studios
Jamie Hutchings (NSW), Tim Steward, Ben Salter @ The Troubadour
Major Major (Vic), Tragic/Athletic @ Ric's Bar
The Estates, Les Modernaires @ Ric's Bar (4pm)
Common People: Ninety Nine (Vic), The Rational Academy, Land What Land (USA) @ Rosie's Upstairs
Pocket Music: Collapsicon, Dot.AY, 10k Free Men (NSW), Emergency! Emergency! (NSW) @ Tongue & Groove

Sunday 16th:
Live Spark: The Daisycutters, My Fiction @ Brisbane Powerhouse (3pm)
Ninety Nine (Vic), Do The Robot @ Ric's Bar
Trevor J Ludlow & The Hellraisers, Greg Brady @ Ric's Bar (4pm)

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