Thursday, 6 November 2008

Gigs of the Week - November 6th

Here's a smattering of shows for the weekend.

Thursday 6th:
Yeow Meow, Lionbird @ Ric's Bar
Smoke Or Fire, The Gifthorse, Jet Set Ready @ Rosie's

Friday 7th:
2 High Festival: Wind & Brackets, Travelling So & Sos, Idle Cranes, The Faze, Golden Sound @ Brisbane Powerhouse
Respect #3 Soul Club: Grand Atlantic, Villains of Wilhelm, Drawn From Bees @ The Troubadour
Fickle Beasts, Mt Augustus, McKisko, Anonymeye @ Tongue & Groove

Saturday 8th:
2 High Festival: Butcher Birds, Stature::Statue, Skinny Jean, The Cairos, My Fiction, Chocolate Strings @ Brisbane Powerhouse
Arrows, To The North, In Sepia, Willows @ Fat Louie's Pool Hall

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