Thursday, 22 January 2009

Gigs of the Week - January 22nd

...And we're back. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. For those who were paying attention, you may have noticed that there were a bunch of tracks from Stranded in the 4zzzFM Hot 100 (check out the full list here). Congratulations to all of the Brisbane bands who made it on. There are still plenty of copies of Stranded available (both via the link on the right and at Rockinghorse), and since all of the proceeds are going to Red Cross Queensland I'm not going to shut up about it just yet (also because I want to get rid of the boxes of CDs that are sitting in my room).

With any luck we'll have a record review or two coming up in the next few days, but in the meantime here are some gigs to see over the coming long weekend.

Thursday 22nd:
Mystic Eyes (WA), Secret Birds, No Anchor, Loomer, Heart Flew Like An Arrow @ Step Inn
Velociraptor, Running Guns @ Ric's Bar
Cohagen Quaid, theseashallnothavethem, Sunflower @ The Zoo
Doch & The Circus @ QPAC

Friday 23rd:
Laughing Clowns @ GoMA - I guess they're technically a Sydney band but what the hell.
DZ, Stature::Statue, Army Ants, Comic Sans @ The Zoo
Doch & The Circus @ QPAC

Saturday 24th:
Secret Birds, Deux Garcons (EP Launch), Bone Xyster, Loomer @ The Zoo
Nikko, Stemford Hiss @ Ric's Bar
Doch & The Circus @ QPAC

Sunday 25th:
Devil's Kitchen: Winnebago Deal (UK), Sonofabitch, Midget (NSW), Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade, The Rogues, My Left Boot (Vic), Speedracer, Booze Hag (NSW) @ The Step Inn
Blue Trial Records, Princess Rodeo @ Ric's Bar

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