Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Gigs of the Week - January 28th

Well, we're back into the swing of things now. Laneway is this weekend, but if you're not going to that (or even if you are) there are plenty of good local shows this weekend.

Also, there should be some more reviews soon.

Wednesday 28th:
Carry Nation, Calvara, Skara Brae & The Renegades @ The Zoo

Thursday 29th:
Loomer, Axxonn @ Ric's Bar
The Oyster Murders, My Fiction, Mass Migration @ The Zoo

Friday 30th:
Game On: Little Scout @ State Library - you'll need tickets for this one, you can get them via qtix
Rocketsmiths, Vegas Kings, Villains of Wilhelm, Gladstone & Lochaber @ The Zoo

Saturday 31st:
Del Toro, Science Villains @ The Step Inn - This one starts kind of late, so you can head down after Laneway if you're still in the mood for some loud indie rock.
Nikko, The Honey Month, Jim Grundy, Extra Foxx @ The Hangar
Mexico City, At Sea, Bowls Club @ The Troubadour

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