Friday, 20 February 2009

Gigs of the Week - February 20th

We should have some reviews of some releases by Mr Maps and perhaps An Horse in the next few days.

Friday 20th:
British India (Vic), DZ, The Bloodpoets @ The Zoo
Ambitious Lovers, Mt Augustus @ Black Star Coffee (Thomas St, West End)
Fabrique: Tenniscoats (Japan), Gudrun Gut (Germany), The Deadnotes @ The Powerhouse - Lawrence English's Room 40 label presents a night of experimental pop.
Useless Wankers (NSW), Z-Rays, Sulphur Lights, Heels @ Step Inn

Saturday 21st:
Del Toro, McKisko, Heart Flew Like An Arrow, Jerry Falwell Destroyed Earth (Vic) @ The Hangar
Velociraptors, At Sea @ Ric's Bar
Sunday 22nd:
Live Spark: Charles Jenkins, Kissy Trouble Company @ The Powerhouse (3pm)

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