Friday, 27 February 2009

Gigs of the Week (and a bit) - February 27th

Since the last Gigs of the Week was kind of late and this one is kind of early I figured I'd just update the previous one. There are lots and lots of gigs this week, both of the local and not-so-local varieties.

Tuesday 3rd:
Ball Park Music, Blue Trial Records @ Ric's Bar
Shifter, Fi Claus, Chloe Turner @ The Troubadour

Wednesday 4th:
Mr Rascal, Mt Augustus @ Ric's Bar

Thursday 5th:
Joe Lally (USA), Blank Realm, Narwhalls @ Step Inn (Upstairs) - Ex-Fugazi bassist with some top local supports.
Garage To V Finals: Villains of Wilhelm, Drawn From Bees, The Gallant, PJ Reh @ Step Inn (downstairs)
Nova Scotia, Anonymeye @ Ric's Bar

Friday 6th:
SixFtHick, Spencer P Jones (Vic), The Horrortones, Narwhals @ The Troubadour
Violent Soho, Hits, Dick Nasty, Lords of Wong @ Step Inn - Violent Soho say goodbye to Brisbane before heading off to take over the US.
Secret Birds, Blank Realm @ Ric's Bar
Wind & Brackets, Villains of Wilhelm, The Bungalows @ The Valley Studios

Saturday 7th:
Side Effects, The Murderettes @ Ric's Bar
I Heart Hiroshima, DZ, Good God @ The Zoo
Grouper (USA), The Rational Academy, Ian Wadley (Vic) @ Judith Wright Centre

Sunday 8th:
Sonic Boom: iAlarming, Dan's Double Organ, Charles Curse, Heart Flew Like An Arrow, Marl Karx @ 101 Merthyr Rd (7pm) - Free house party-esque gig.
Live Spark: Intercooler, Numbers Radio @ The Powerhouse

These last couple should really have been called 'Gigs of the Weekend'. I promise I'll do one early next week, as there are some good weeknight shows.

Friday 27th:
Tame Impala (WA), Intercooler, Black Mustang @ The Zoo
The Oyster Murders, Blue Carousel, Cohagen Quaid @ The Valley Studios

Saturday 28th:
Heinz Riegler, Tom Lyngcoln, The Holy Rose @ Jamie's Cafe (7:30pm) - Recommendation of the week. BYO.
Late Show: Texas Tea @ The Troubadour (1am) - following on from the Gareth Liddiard / Ben Salter show.
Fans: Last Dinosaurs, Comic Sans, Blue Carousel @ Alhambra Lounge
Mary Trembles, The Violent Flames (Vic), The Quills, The Frets @ Globe Theatre
The Exploders (Vic), Black Mustang, The Fuss, Treetops, The Smokestack Orchestra @ The Valley Studios

Sunday 29th:
Live Spark: We All Want To (aka Tim Steward Band), Kate Bradley & The Goodbye Horses @ The Powerhouse (3pm)

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