Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Gigs of the Week - October 14th

There's a ridiculous amount of great stuff on this weekend.

Wednesday 14th:
In Sepia, Gladstone & Lochaber @ Ric's Bar

Thursday 15th:
No Anchor, The Sips, Undead Apes, D.Black (Secret Birds) @ The Zoo
Mapletons, Oh Ye Denver Birds @ Ric's Bar
Dead Riot, Biff Co @ The Clubhouse

Friday 16th:
I Heart Hiroshima (Album Launch), We All Want To, Heinz Riegler @ The Zoo
Open Air: Videomatics, Big Strong Brute, Carry Nation, Mt Augustus, Your Hand In Mine, The Liar's Chair @ Queensland College of Arts (226 Grey St Southbank, 4pm-9pm)
Lion Island (EP Launch), Epithets @ Ric's Bar
Drawn From Bees (EP Launch), Ball Park Music, Oh Ye Denver Birds @ The Troubadour
Halfway @ The Powerhouse
Mr Rascal @ Queens St Mall (6pm, 7pm, 8pm)

Saturday 17th:
The Sips, Sweet Dreams, Bloody Roo, Geese, Triple Dragon @ Legion's Club (7pm)
Hazards of Swimming Naked (Album Launch), Arcane, Red Medicine, Restream
@ The Zoo
Jamie Hutchings (NSW), The Honey Month, Ichabod's Crane @ Lofly Hangar
The Quickening, Willows, The Here And The Elsewhere, We Set Sail @ Fat Louie's Pool Hall

Tuesday 20th:
Sleepwalks, The Peel St Band @ Ric's Bar

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