Thursday, 24 January 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - January 24th

Some gigs to go to on this long weekend that celebrates this great country of ours... Australia.

Thursday 24th:
Saint Surly, Monster Monster @ Tongue & Groove

Friday 25th:
The Zebras, Greg Brady & The Anchors, Ladybird @ Ric's Bar

Saturday 26th:
Quiet Steps, To The North, Turnpike, Let's Not (But Say We Did) @ The Troubadour
The Zebras @ Suncorp Piazza (8:15pm)
Teeming With Wildlife, Toy Balloon @ Ric's Bar

Monday 28th:
Scul Hazzards, Nikko, Cityscape Riot (Tas), Stemford Hiss, Night Crash, Tellall, The Repetition, Yout Dem, Fleshlight @ Bar Soma, 2pm - 7pm - there may be some other bands too, not 100% sure.

Also, you may have noticed that I didn't post any reviews of those New Years shows that I said I would. This is because a) I've been too busy with going to more shows, and b) I've been moving to a new house. By now I can't really remember enough details of the shows for it to be worthwhile writing about them, so apologies to those bands. But never fear, there are plenty more things coming to write about! And I'm sure you're all waiting with bated breath.

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