Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - January 29th

Oh look, bands!

Wednesday 30th:
Aoi, Lawrence English @ Ric's Bar - Laptop-y goodness.

Thursday 31st:
Scul Hazzards, Nikko, Secret Birds, Influenza @ The Zoo - They're moving to Europe, you see.
Candy Falls, DizzyGotheca @ Ric's Bar

Friday 1st:
Joel Saunders, Shakes (final show!), Nightcrash (final show!), Rialto Decibel Choir @ The Zoo - All your friends are leaving Brisbane. Sucks to be you, s'pose.
I Heart Hiroshima, The Rational Academy @ Gallery of Modern Art - Andy Warhol Up Late
The Shrewms (single launch), White Mansions, Hymies, The Nudists @ The Troubadour - band releases 'Wild And Loose' single.
Suckafish P Jones, Collapsicon, Aoi, Potato Master, Frosty, Prince Nod @ Empire Hotel Moon Bar - Suckafish releases his 'Mr Cloak and Dagger' album.
Live & Let D.I.Y.: Hollow Earth, Meaningless Existence, Subverts (NSW), To The North, Assassination Collective (Vic), Eucalypt (NSW), The Diamond Sea (Vic), Tentacles of Destruction (NZ) @ Ahimsa House - 24 Horan St, West End. 6pm - 12am.
Re:enactment, Skinny Jean @ Ric's Bar

Saturday 2nd:
Brisbane Sounds: SixFtHick, Little Vegas & Fuzz Parade, Ben Salter & The Young Liberals, Warm Guns, Spitfireliar, The Late Great Russian Revolution, Big Red Candle @ The Zoo - a celebration of all things Brisbane... well, some things Brisbane.
Live & Let D.I.Y.: Neck Hold, Hagborn, Drowned Out, Walrora (Vic), OK Peligro (SA), Augustus Hill (Vic), The Thaw (NSW), Majorca (Vic), Crux (NSW), ABC Weapons (Vic) @ Ahimsa House - same address as it was the previous day. 6pm - 12am.
Devil's Kitchen: Nunchukka Superfly (NSW), Grand Fatal (NSW), Mary Trembles, Butcher Birds, My Left Boot, The Black Stars, Black Mustang, Sub City Smack @ Step Inn - Stonerfest?
Assassination Collective (Vic), Turnpike @ Ric's Bar

Sunday 3rd:
Live & Let D.I.Y.: Wingnut Dishwashers Union (USA), Asking For It (Tas), Harriet (Vic), Wheatpaste @ Ahimsa House - still the same place. 12pm - 5pm.
Live Spark: Chris Pickering @ The Powerhouse


Anonymous said...

Augustus Hill?!? What the fuck! I think Mount Augustus should call their lawyers.

Anonymous said...

The Scul Hazzard show ruled.