Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - May 30th

Ok, so each week I'm going to post a list of gigs that are 'Before Hollywood' approved (or at least approved by half of Before Hollywood)... assuming I can be bothered. I'll try to do this each Tuesday or Wednesday.

This week we have...

Wednesday 30th:
Capital, Shakes, Rialto Decibel Choir @ The Zoo - I don't really know much at all about Capital, but this gig is well worthwhile to see the supports, Shakes and Rialto Decibel Choir.

Thursday 31st:
Tenniscoats, For Barry Ray, The Deadnotes @ Judith Wright Centre - No, they're not from Brisbane. In fact, they're from Japan. I saw the Tenniscoats last time they came to Australia, and I can't really think of any way to describe other than 'awesome'. I guess they're somewhat 'experimental', but what they play definitely still falls within the realm of 'pop music'. Very dreamy pop music, but pop music nonetheless*. Check out their myspace and have a listen to some songs.

Also consider To The North, Quiet Steps and Orlac's Hande @ Club Phoenix for something loud and screamy (and definitely NOT dreamy or pop).

Friday 1st:
Grey Daturas (VIC), Scul Hazzards, Look!pond @ The Troubadour - This will be LOUD. However, it's at The Troubadour so hopefully it will be LOUD while still being sonically defined. If you like your music distorted beyond all hell, this is the gig for you.

If you missed the gigs from the night before you have a second chance: Tenniscoats @ Bon Amici's in Toowoomba (with one of my very favourite Brisbane bands, The Rational Academy... hell, I'm considering going back to Toowoomba for this), and Quiet Steps @ Ric's Bar.

Lastly, Beasts of Bourbon play The Tivoli with local legends Six Ft Hick and Butcher Birds.

Saturday 2nd:
Mere Noise Meltdown @ The Globe - see Gav's post below (although I would like to add that Texas Tea are playing, who are in no way affiliated with Turbonegro, and are, in fact, really freakin' good folk/alt.county).

Pay Colour (NSW), Seaplane, Turnpike, Nite School @ Fat Louie's - I'm not familiar with Pay Colour or Nite School, but Seaplane and (especially) Turnpike are some of the best noisey bands Brisbane has produced in the last decade.

That's about everything that grabs my eye. Happy gig-going, people!

* people have been known to say that my definition of pop music is pretty broad.

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