Monday, 28 May 2007

First Post - Part II (The Blog Strikes Back)


And so it goes that I start my blogging career with a dad joke.

Gav is not the only one who will be contributing to this virtual encyclopaedia of Brisbane music. I, Cam, will be attempting to help out and share this heavy burden.

A quick disclaimer about this blog. Firstly, as you well know, this is a Brisbane blog. As you may well also know, Brisbane is actually very small. This means that it's pretty much impossible for us to write about bands that we have absolutely no connection to. Some of the bands we write about will feature our friends. Some of the bands we write about will feature our enemies. Some of the bands we write about may even feature us (though we can guarantee that I will never write about my own bands, and vice-versa for Gav). This is just the nature of the beast.

Ok, with the administration stuff out of the way we can hopefully get on with discussing The Music (but not The Music). Feel free to leave comments suggesting that we are rugby-playing metro-bogans when we endorse the latest safety-rock band. Equally, feel free to call us pretentious scenesters when we sing the praises of some free-jazz-noise-freak-folk-electro-clash group. And if you're feeling really adventurous, feel free to tell us that we're actually doing a decent job.

May the force be with you,


jarrad said...

lolz itp.

Anonymous said...

Great blog title. Great blog idea too.