Monday, 28 May 2007

Mere Noise Meltdown

This Saturday evening will see the Mere Noise Meltdown occur at The Globe. The event is a showcase of Mere Noise Records roster; home to local luminaries such as Vegas Kings and the Butcher Birds. I could really go either way with some of these bands; three of them cite Turbonegro as an influence on their Myspace sites which is a sure sign of mediocrity in my eyes. That said one of the more mouthwatering attractions promised on the evening is Brisbane supergroup the Horrortones which features members from Sixfthick, Little Lovers, Wiseacre and Vegas Kings strutting their stuff. Should be delicious.

As a little taster here is a track from the Butcher Birds recently released Eat Their Young EP. These lads and lasses are at the forefront of what seems to be an early 90s revival occurring in Brisbane so hopefully we will hear more from them soon.

Butcher Birds - Tiger Paw


Cam said...

ooo, harsh on the turbonegro call. that'll ruffle some feathers ;)

Cam said...

also, texas tea are my personal favourite band on that bill.

liam said...

criticism is bestmore criticism please.

also, i guess if you're posting mp3's you need to put a disclaimer up, something about"if you are the copyright holder and wish for this to be removed, please feel free to ask politely."

liam said...

yeah, looks good btw. i'm impressed