Monday, 28 May 2007

Write Your Adventures Down

Without wanting to steal Gav's thunder, I suppose it would be apt (given the title of this blog) to have our first real post be about that legendary Brisbane band, The Go Betweens. Specifically, we're talking about the tribute album 'Write Your Adventures Down' which is being released next month (June 16th to be exact). It features a whole bunch of really quite groovy muso-types doing their own versions of GoBs classics (that's generally the way that tribute albums work), including 'interpretations' from Glenn Richards, New Buffalo, Sarah Blasko, ex-members of Custard, Dan Kelly and more, so it should be pretty great for both those who are indoctrinated to the band and those who are yet to be. *Note* I'm somewhere between.

You can go to the relevant myspace page to check out all of the details and listen to the first single from the album, that being Patience Hodgson's version of 'Lee Remick' (after which you can go to TOMB to argue about whether or not you hate either the song or the performer with the fire of a thousand suns). Alternatively you can check out their official website. If you're really lazy then you can just look a few pixels below these very words.

Write Your Adventures Down - A Go-Betweens Tribute Album

1. Lee Remick - Patience Hodgson from The Grates
2. Bye Bye Pride - Sarah Blasko
3. Head Full Of Steam - Dan Kelly
4. Dusty In Here - Youth Group
5. House That Jack Built- Glenn Richards from Augie March
6. Streets Of Your Town - Bob Evans
7. Right Here - Darren Hanlon
8. Bachelor Kisses - Josh Pyke
9. Draining The Pool - Andrew Cox from The Fauves
10. Hold Your Horses - Sarah Blasko and Darren Hanlon
11. No Reason To Cry - New Buffalo
12. Finding You - Adele Pickvance From The Go-Betweens
13. Spring Rain - David McCormack from Custard
14. Dive For Your Memory - Glenn Thompson from Custard

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Gav said...

This was going to be my first post too :P I'm hoping this album turns out good, Pae's version of Lee Remick is great so that's a good sign. I'm also glad Dave McCormack is doing Spring Rain; it's my favourite GoB's song and I trust in him to do a good job.