Thursday, 21 June 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - June 21st + New Venues!

Another weekend, another round of Gigs to recommend. Unfortunately, due to certain commitments I was unable to attend any of the gigs that I recommended last weekend (except for the gig I played at - Rialto Decibel Choir are awesome as a four-piece!) and this weekend will be the same. So get out there and see something for me!

Thursday 21st:
Scul Hazzards, Quiet Steps, Nightcrash, Ponyload @ The Zoo - requisite loud and abrasive gig recommendation.

Friday 22nd:
Giants of Science, The New Jack Rubys, The Hits, The Beast @ Fat Louie's Pool Hall - The Giants don't play a whole heap anymore so head along and support them at this free venue. Supported by all manner of garage rockers.
Red Paintings, Spazmoo, The Paper & The Plane @ The Globe - Go along so that Trash McSweeney has something to eat (see this week's rave article). Also with popular post-harcore rockers The Paper & The Plane.
The Apartments, Texas Tea, Sue Ray @ The Troubadour - Legendary Brisbane band plays rare hometown gig. If you can go to this I suggest that you do.

Saturday 23rd:
Del Toro, Bloon, Vineland, Mass Migration @ The LoFly Hangar (see below) - Post-Rock-athon! Del Toro are one of Brisbane's coolest bands (and are supporting Dinosaur Jr next month), and Bloon are pretty much local instrumental-rock legends (who play far too seldom). Also with IDM/Jazz/Trip-Hoppers Vineland and the Mogwai-esque Mass Migration.
Cosmic Psychos, Celibate Rifles, SixFtHick, Violent Soho @ The Zoo - It will be sweaty (or as sweaty as things can get at this time of year).

Also, this is probably a good place to mention some good news: Brisbane is getting a few new live music venues!
  • The Shamrock Hotel on Brunswick St (which was for a time known as the 'Slip Inn') is changing monikers to the 'Step Inn', and will feature an overhauled live music area on its lower floor with space for about 750 people by the end of the year, along with a second smaller space upstairs for shows with around 150 people.
  • The new Club Phoenix on Edward St in the City (where the former Rosie's / R-Bar was located) has recently become a haven for folks of the metal / hardcore / punk / emo varieties. However, it will soon be welcoming music from other genres, including rock of both the 'straight-up' and 'indie' varieties, folk,, electro, noise, pop... pretty much anything in fact.
  • The LoFly Hangar in Red Hill (located in a warehouse behind an adult shop) is being hailed as 'The New 610', which I guess means it's all-ages and trashy and DIY, all in the best possible way. It's located at 151 Musgrave Rd.


ex_king_john said...

So i went to see the Giants of Science at Fat Louie's.

Adrian Stoyles played with them for the second half of the set and as you'd expect it sounded great. The drummer is going away and near the end of the set Ben announced [sorta] that it was the last ever Giants show. One hopes not.

But I have not seen the New Jack Rubys before and why has no one told me about the guitarist before. Fucking amazing. They have an LP coming out in late July and their next show is at the Troubadour about then. You should go. He is that good.

Cam said...

last show ever? man, that's a real shame if it's true.

i'll see if i can get along to check out the rubys.

Anonymous said...

new jack rubys album launch 27th July @ troubador... $12 with the shrewms, seaplane and the smokestack orchestra...