Friday, 15 June 2007

Cam's REALLY REALLY QUICK Gigs of the Week - June 15th

Ok, haven't had much time to post gigs of the week this week, but here's a speedy list.

Friday 15th:
Grand Atlantics, The Wellingtongs, The John Steel Singers @ The Troubadour - Lot's of 60's influenced pop.
No Through Road, Seaplane @ Ric's Bar - Seaplane have a new album coming soon, hear songs from it when they play with Adelaide band.
Ambitious Lovers, Yeow Meow (aka Benjamin Thompson of The Rational Academy), Blank Page, The Tricycle Fair, The Superfriends @ The Jubilee Hotel - My Gig of the Week. Folkish.

Saturday 16th:
The Wellingtons, Scul Hazzards, Nova Scotia, Nite School @ The Alley Bar - Assuming the Alley doesn't cancel this one.

Sunday 17th:
The Gin Club @ The Powerhouse - Apparently a DVD taping for their forthcoming third album.

Wednesday 20th
Mt Augustus, Joel Saunders (of The Ambitious Lovers), Rialto Decibel Choir @ The Troubadour - Self promotion ftw.

Sorry, but you'll have to find your own links this week. Gotta go, bye!

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