Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Red Paintings - The Line Between Genius & Madness (Plus Cam's Gigs of the Week)

Hey, it's everybody's favourite art-rock band, The Red Paintings! 'What are those craaaazy dudes up to now, Cam?' I hear you ask. 'Good question', I reply.

The inimitable Mr Trash McSweeney has asked fans of the band to each donate $40 in the hope that the band can catch a plane to New York City (you know, the one in America) to spend three months recording an album. How much money do they need to raise to make this dream a reality? A paltry $40,000. In return for their generosity, fans will have their names listed on the resultant record's cover art.

It's actually not as unusual as it sounds (or so I've been told). Apparently it's been done with a moderate amount of success in the past. However, you have to perhaps question whether the band's sense of worth is perhaps slightly inflated, to be spending all of that money as an unsigned indie band from Brisbane. But hey, if that's what they want to do then best of luck to them. Apparently they have a pretty decent fan-base over in America due to their recent tour with The Dresden Dolls, so there's every possibility that they may succeed in this little venture.

In unrelated news, here's some gig recommendations:

Friday 29th:
The Rocketsmiths, Yves Klein Blue, John Steel Singers, Inntown @ The Zoo - It's the Rocketsmiths' EP launch, so go along if you feel like an evening of lush indie pop. Apparently there will be strings, horns and even a choir.
The Horrortones, Hits, Flying Squad @ The Troubadour - The Brisbane Supergroup's second gig. Nice.
Ponyloaf, Teeming With Wildlife @ Ric's Bar - Electro-rock and shoegaze, respectively.
'Holes & Poles Queer Bandfest' with Dizzy Gotheca, Twist Oliver Twist, Jacob Diefenbach, Master & Stryker, Anal Traffic, Girl With Cake @ The Globe - The name says it all, really.

Saturday 30th:
The Sips, Side Effects @ Ric's - Much loved rockers The Sips play a now rare gig.
Bloon, Hazzards of Swimming Naked, Lawrence English, The Rational Academy, Grids/Units/Planes @ The Globe - Lots of atmospheric indie rock of various persuasions here.
Kate Miller-Heidke, Cuthbert & The Night Walkers @ The Tivoli - The much talked about songstress' album launch.

Sunday 1st:
Intercooler, The Little Lovers @ The Powerhouse - Free!
Dick Desert & The Shotgun Country Club, Texas Tea, Marty Brown, Sugartown @ The Troubadour - The Troub does something a bit different and puts on a night of Would we want things any other way?


Charlyn said...

The Red Paintings gig last friday was mixed for me. I was shooting the gig. I have already bitched about how crap the lights were and the people around me. Photos were meh! Didn't last the whole gig. Left before the people started painting.

Gav said...

Some dick in a Red Paintings tee was hating on my listening to Justice at work tonight, thus I now dislike the band.

ex_king_john said...

I am going to the Troubadour show. The Horrortones were pretty good at the Globe but I really want to see The Hits; billed as another Brisbane supergroup containing members of Gazoonga Attack, The Butcherbirds / The Shrewms & The Dangermen!

If the Horrortones are a Soul revue tribute band, christ knows what the Hits will be doing with that lineup. But it's sure to be interesting.