Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - June 6th

Another round of Gigs o' the week. Enjoy!

Thursday 7th:
Ranger, Ben Salter @ Ric's Bar - Ranger is something of a local supergroup, with members of The Go Betweens and Regurgitator / Night Stick (that is, if you haven't guessed, drummer extraordinaire Martin Lee). Ben Salter (he of Gin Club and Giants of Science fame) is always an entertaining fellow to see play.
Tim Steward @ Satchmo's - Singer from Screamfeeder goes it alone.

Friday 8th:
Shakes, Do The Robot @ Ric's Bar - Two of the best new bands in Brisbane. It's a night of swirley, somewhat shoegaze-inspired, distorted pop.
The Villains of Wilhelm, Guns of Sebastian, The John Steel Singers, Little Vegas and the Fuzz Parade @ The Globe - Lots of bands with long names. Personally I'm only familiar with The John Steel Singers, but they're always worth catching. I believe it's also the EP launch for The Villains of Wilhelm.

Saturday 9th:
Beachfield, The Little Lovers @ Ric's Bar - I mentioned this show last week, so go and read about it in my review of The Little Lovers from last week.

Sunday 10th:
Stature:Statue, To The North @ Ric's Bar - Jesus, what is this? Ric's week?! Anyway, loud and fast and aggressive and probably at least a little bit angular. Apparently a bit jazzy, too.
Anal Traffic, The Rational Academy, Jane Woody, Josh Leuner @ The Zoo - One band that will make even the most jaded of hipsters blush (no prizes for guessing which one), another band that is one of my personal favourites (Rat Acad), a girl who has had her fair share of great Brisbane bands playing in solo mode (Jane Woody aka Mel Ralph) and someone I'm not familiar with (Josh Leuner).

Tuesday 12th:
Blue Carousel, Rialto Decibel Choir @ Ric's Bar (just to be different) - What's a great gig like this doing on a Tuesday? I've seen Blue Carousel twice now and both times were pretty darn good. Think Sunset Rubdown with Jonathan Donahue (Mercury Rev) singing. Rialto Decibel Choir have been mentioned here by both myself and Gav (though I think I'm more of a folkster than Gav so I'm probably more susceptible to their charms).

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