Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - July 11th, AND Pig City: Ups And Downs

Go to the Pig City Festival on Saturday. Seriously. I can't, because I'm in Melbourne this weekend (which reminds me... any Melbourne readers, go and see this). However, if you're in Brisbane then you should go to Pig City.

Otherwise go and see...

Friday 13th:
The Rational Academy, Charlie Curse @ Ric's Bar - Indie-pop.
Whiskey Go Gos, The Gin Club, Texas Tea @ The Troubadour - Raw rock and

Saturday 14th:
Do The Robot, Sweet Lady Brick @ Ric's Bar - Indie-pop Mk II.

I was supposed to do a write-up for the Ups And Downs but I've been so busy lately that I haven't really had the time. I suppose that this is my last chance, so here's a few quick words...

The Ups And Downs were started by the brothers Atkinson (being Greg and Darren) in the early-to-mid 80's. They played a dreamy brand of jangly guitar pop-rock ala bands such as The Church and Cocteau Twins. As with many bands from that era, they never really gained a real following in Brisbane, and so moved down to Sydney partway through their career. They had a rather successful single in 1986 with 'The Living Kind', which introduced the band to overseas listeners (namely the UK). However, bad timing and bad business decisions meant that the band missed the boat in terms of 'making it' overseas, eventually breaking up in 1990. The Atkinson brothers (Greg moreso than Darren) continued to make music in a somewhat noisier, grunge-inspired band that some people may still hear being played on JJJ from time to time... that being Big Heavy Stuff (of whom I was/am a huge fan... 'Maximum Sincere' is still one of my favourite albums).


ex_king_john said...

Must say that in all the time I spent at dances in the late 70's i never managed to see the Ups & Downs. It's my loss cause I think they were the revelation of Pig City for me. Strong songs played like they hadn't stopped at all.
It's a pity they didn't have more success though that would have robbed us of the treat that is/was Big Heavy Stuff who just about win the best band name ever contest.

Cam said...

i'm so very glad that, from most reports i've read/heard, the ups and downs were pretty much the best band at pig city. this warms my heart.