Tuesday, 24 July 2007

WolfGangFinch Kids Launch: I Heart Hiroshima, Nite School, Do The Robot @ Alhambra Lounge (19.7.07)

Photo courtesy of WolfGang's myspace site.

WolfGang has quickly turned out to be one of Brisbane's best club nights in the last few months and last Thursday night saw to continue that trend in aid of the Finch Kids collective and the launch of the first issue of their new zine (appropriately named, Finch Kids). While WolfGang have recently been bringing out the heavy weaponry (don't forget to check out Yacht next Wednesday), they decided to keep it local this time around.

Starting off processions were Do The Robot. The three-piece tries its best to defy pigeonholing, yet they do so with out sacrificing any part of their song craft; a fact due mostly to the brilliant guitar work of Matt who invokes the spirit of Kevin Shields at times. While the formula of each song tends to shift between Shoegaze swirls and post-punkish stabs of guitar, beats lifted straight from a Joy Division (this is a compliment not an insult!) and indie-pop singing courtesy of leading lady Sera, the influence of other sources comes through such as the no wave guitars of 'Dr Death' and the almost trip-hop-like beats of 'Bad Art'. At times, however, the band seems to extend the songs longer then they should really go for. This may be due to a lack of material to fill out the set with, but the songs tend to become boring once they go past the 4 minute mark. Other then that minor setback Do The Robot are definitely a band to keep an eye on for the future.

Following on from Do The Robot was Nite School. Never having heard anything by these two ladies I had no idea what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised by the driving guitar and punchy drums of opener 'Eat Shit Or Rust'. Surprise soon turned to boredom, however, as I realised that every track was going to sound the same. While the grinding riffs of Bridie Smith's guitar recalled that of The Birthday Party or early Sonic Youth, and Andrea Blake utilised her stripped down drum kit to slam out a rhythm worthy of The Who or The Kinks, together the two elements fail to comprise a complete song and everything falls flat on its face.

Last on stage was a slightly inebriated I Heart Hiroshima. Touring in support of their recently released Punks EP and soon to be released album Tuff Teef, the trio took to the stage with the vigor we've come to expect of them. Playing a short set of recent and older songs, the band got the crowd dancing with opener 'Punks' and 'Red Hands'. Having perfected their sound of kindergarten-chic hooks and rhythmic riffs, courtesy of Matt and Cam, combined with the driving, flailing, manic, and downright danceable drumming of Susie, it will be interesting to see how far this trio goes with their debut album.

All up it was a great night provided by WolfGang and Finch Kids, and I'm definitely looking forward to similar events in the future.

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