Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - August 1st

Some may have noticed that I didn't post any Gig's of the Week last week. The reason? I was sick, I didn't feel like it, and there were only a few gigs on that piqued my interest anyway. This week, however, I'm well and willing to dispense some pearls of gig-going wisdom. For those of you going to Splendour In The Grass... well, I can't honestly say that I envy you (other than for the fact that you can see The Dirty Three, aka: one of the best bands of the last 15 years).

Wednesday 1st:
An Horse (aka Kate from Iron On) Yeow Meow (aka Ben from The Rational Academy) @ Ric's Bar - Strangely named solo acts from Brisbane indie-rock stalwarts.

Thursday 2nd:
Tilly & The Wall, I Heart Hiroshima, Yves Klein Blue @ The Powerhouse - It's a FasterLouder shindig, and I have a feeling you may need an invite to be allowed (have a look at the website for details).

Friday 3rd:
Del Toro, Turnpike, Mass Migration @ Fat Louie's - Del Toro and Turnpike launch their split EP 'Hinge & Pluck / Sell, this Century'. Post-rockers Mass Migration open procedings. Recommendation of the week.
Brand Spank'd: Twist Oliver Twist, Re:enactment, Audio Arrest, DJs and more @ Empire Hotel - A whole bunch of bands and DJs playing two rooms at the Empire.

Saturday 4th:
The Quickening, Knaw, Dick Nasty, The Sips @ Club Phoenix - Fast, loud and rock.
Shooting At Unarmed Men, Vegas Kings, Scul Hazzards @ The Troubadour - Ex-McLusky member's band plays with two of Brisbane's premier rock acts.
SixFtHick @ Ric's - Just another SixFtHick gig at Ric's.

Sunday 5th:
LiveSpark: Fi Claus, Tim Steward @ The Powerhouse - A free gig featuring ex-Gorgeous-now-solo Fi Claus with Screamfeeder's Tim Steward.

There's also Greazefest running at the South Leagues Club (in West End) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, if you're into your dirty rock'n'roll.


Gav said...

I do wish I could go to the Del Toro/Turnpike gig on Friday; Fat Louies is probably my favourite venue in Brisbane (mainly cos I know the staff and can score cheap drinks).

Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah!!!