Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - August 7th

Woah, earliest gigs of the week ever! I have an ulterior motive, though...

Thursday 9th:
Mt Augustus EP Launch with Rooftop Nightwatch @ Ric's Bar - ...and here it is. Indie/folk band releases EP.
The Exploders (VIC), The Incredible Strand, Black Mustang @ The Troubadour - rock'n'roll!!

Friday 10th:
Electric Palace: Night Crash, Joel Saunders, Shiver Like Timber, Harriett, Rialto Decibel Choir, Rainbow Brite @ Metro On Gipps - A fundraiser for The Lifted Brow zine. Gig recommendation of the week.
Exile: Dardanelles, Yves Klein Blue @ Transcontinental Hotel - Gav was going to review the Dardanelles, but then he didn't. Second chance?
New Jack Rubys, Warm Guns, Lords of Wong, Legion of Mary @ Step Inn (Shamrock) - The New Jack Rubys have been highly recommended to me, though I haven't seen them as yet.

Saturday 11th:
Music For Ya Park: Vegas Kings, Yves Klein Blue, The Warm Guns, Choking Cats @ Deagon Skate Park - maybe I'll take up skating for a day.
Beasts of Bourbon, Kev Carmody, Banawurun, Indigenous Intrudaz, Dallas Crane, Dick Desert & The Shotgun Country Club, + more @ The Arena - lots of bands play a show.
Dizzy Gotheca, Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade, Emma Dean, Nina May @ The Zoo - it's actually pretty hard to come up with a little blurb for each gig.
Either/Or: Wind & Brackets, Shakes @ Uber - pseudo-monthly nightclub in West End.

Tuesday 14th:
The John Steel Singers, The Bell Divers, Inntown @ The Troubadour - The John Steel Singers launch their debut EP.
Mint Chicks, I Heart Hiroshima, Shy Child, Stature:Statue @ Step Inn (Shamrock) - Craaaaaaaazy rock people.


Anonymous said...

Frick yes!!!

Anonymous said...

Frock dress!!!

Anonymous said...

Flock of geese!!!

Cam said...

Flask of greese!!!

Cam said...

err.. i mean 'grease'



Anonymous said...

I think you guys mean....

*clears throat, takes deep breath*

Fuck yeah!!!

Pattus said...

"Old Hands"???!!!

Cam said...

hey, i didn't write it. i believe the words i used were 'ex-members'.