Thursday, 23 August 2007

Cams Gigs of the Week - August 23rd

This week's GotW are brought to you by the letter 'y'.

Thursday 23rd:
The Brunettes (NZ), The John Steel Singers @ The Troubadour - JSS get their first international support. Poppy.

Friday 24th:
Batrider (Vic), Scul Hazzards, Butcher Birds @ The Troubadour - Noisey.
Twist Oliver Twist, Dizzy Gotheca @ Ric's Bar - Angsty.
To The North, Gift Horse, Quiet Steps, Dan Rogan, In Sepia @ Fat Louie's - Angular-y.
Dead Frenchmen, Stature:Statue, Tyrone Wright @ The Transcontinental - City.
Tim Steward @ The Shire, West End - Hobbit-y.

Saturday 25th:
SixFtHick @ Ric's Bar - Residency.
Dick Nasty, RAD, Insurgents, One Shot Salute @ Fat Louie's - Punky.
I Heart Hiroshima, Scul Hazzards @ Great Northern (Byron Bay) - Hippy.
The Rational Academy, Nova Scotia, Aheadphonehome, Do The Robot, Zoe Porter @ Lowfly Hangar - It's at 7:30pm, 151 Musgrave Rd in Red Hill. Gig recommendation of the week. DIY.
Blue Carousel, Mt Augustus, Sleep Tempest, Matchless Armada, We Become Ghosts @ East Brisbane Bowls Club, Mowbray Park - Elderly.


ex_king_john said...

batrider were good. not as fanfukintastic as the reviews on their myspace would suggest but they seemed a little quiet, maybe they had a bad experience or something beforehand. i'd see them again 'cause there is something there.

butcher birds did a good set. vocals were low in the mix but the sound was good.

scul hazzards were fanfukingtastic. same vocal mix as the birds, vocals were low but the separation was great and probably the best set i've heard from them. the rest of the audience was the same i think. few other bands do you get that 2 second pause after each song when the audience takes a collective breath and thinks 'Fuck yeah!!!' then starts clapping.

Cam said...

oooh, you worked that 'Fuck yeah!!!' into your comment really well.