Thursday, 30 August 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - August 30th

More gigs.

Friday 31st:
Do The Robot, An Horse @ Ric's Bar - Shoegaze-pop and solo-on (in duo mode).
Texas Tea (Single Launch), Granite Lakes, The Smoking Muskets, Secret Squirrel Band @ The Troubadour - Premier band releases more music at Troubadour.
Shiver Like Timber, Ambitious Lovers (solo), Let's Not (But Say We Did), Genevieve Graves, Deerfolk @ Oriel Gallery, Ascot - Art exhibition opening night. Co-GotW.

Saturday 1st:
I Heart Hiroshima (Album Launch), Turnpike, Scul Hazzards, Frou Frou Foxes @ The Zoo - Local heroes release album. Co-GotW.
New Jack Rubies, Side Effects @ Ric's Bar - Much recommended band plays show, blog-writer still unable to see them.

Sunday 2nd:
Formations, Yeow Meow @ Ric's Bar (3pm) - A nice afternoon with pseudo-experimental popsters.
Live Spark: Peter Loveday @ The Powerhouse - Still seminal.

If you're wondering why BH has been quiet lately... it's because we (or at least I, Cam) haven't been going to a huge amount of gigs (or at least gigs that I feel like writing about... maybe 50% of attended gigs are written about here). There are still a few gigs from a few weeks back that I had intended to write about (Peter Loveday, Narcotics EP Launch), so they may or may not appear on this hallowed page in the near future. I'm going on holidays in 3 days though, so things are probably leaning towards 'may not'. I believe Gav will have to pick up my slack for the immediate future.

This also means that you'll have to do without these informative weekly posts next week. However, I do have the following quick recommendations:

Wednesday 5th:
The Night Crash, Go Go Go Go! @ Fat Louies

Saturday 8th:
Del Toro, Turnpike @ Ric's Bar

There are likely HEAPS of others but those are some that have caught my eye.


Gav said...

and my excuse is being poor and almost homeless, not to mention criminally lazy.

Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah!!!