Friday, 24 August 2007

Review: Wind & Brackets - Nu Nu (Za Za) / Words of Decarabia

Wind & Brackets are getting close to being a guilty pleasure for me. I realise that they are just another band in a seemingly endless line of 80's revivalists, however they do it with such flair that I can't help enjoying their work. This two song CD doesn't quite do the band's live show justice, however it is enjoyable enough, and it could be a sign of bigger things to come for the band.

'Nu Nu (Za Za)', the oddly named first track, picks and mixes from numerous influences. In order, the track managed to bring the likes of The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, XTC, The Libertines, U2, Joy Division/New Order, The Human League, and the Manic Street Preachers to mind. The chopping and changing of styles through the track bogs it down a bit, however the band performs it well enough to keep the listener on side. While Wind & Brackets are not blatantly plagiarising, it is clear that they have yet to develop their own unique sound.

'Words of Decarabia' is more cohesive then the previous song. Although the subsequent parts of each band member are more underwhelming then on 'Nu Nu (Za Za)', they all fit so well together on this track that it actually exceeds the first. Ivo's vocal performance on the track is worthy of special mention, as is Andrew's lead guitar work. All up this is a none-to-shabby first release from Wind & Brackets.

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