Friday, 20 July 2007

Cam's Gigs of the Week - July 20th

These things are being posted later and later in the week, aren't they? Luckily I don't really have a huge amount of recommendations for this week.

Friday 20th:
Stature:Statue, No Through Road, The John Steel Singers, Twist Oliver Twist @ Ric's Bar
Violent Soho, Vegas Kings, Roshambo, Nova Scotia @ The Step Inn (aka The Shamrock)

Saturday 21st:
Capital, Me Mu & Meow, Strange Attractors @ The Troubadour
Nova Scotia, Re:enactment @ Ric's Bar, 3pm

Sunday 22nd:
Feathers, Shiver Like Timber @ Ric's Bar, 3pm
SixFtHick @ Ric's Bar, 9pm

It's the weekend of Ric's. Thank god it's free.


Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah!!!

ex_king_john said...

cam, exactly who is that horse with the guitar anyway

Cam said...

i *believe* it's james straker from roshambo.

Cam said...

plus, i think it's a wolf

ex_king_john said...

I thought james had more tats than that but it's certainly something he would do :)